Nov 8, 2008

Free Your Mind! En Vogue

Does anybody still remember the nineties and the great music back then? I remember that I was still a child when En Vogue launched their "Free Your Mind" song and I was excited, amazed and forever put under the spell of gratitude. En Vogue was simply great and I know that today, when nostalgia started to rise when I accidentaly found a few En Vogue videos on YouTube. I'm going to share, of course.

First, En Vogue - Free Your Mind:

And another incredibly sexy En Vogue - My Lovin:

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Missy said...

I used to love these girls.
My favorite is probably "Giving Him Something He Can Feel"

Prisqua said...

My favorite is "Falling in love"

Anonymous said...

I love My Loving!!! That's my joint!!!

En Vogue was definitely the go to girl group of the 90s, their harmonies were off the chains!!

medical accident said...

music always make mind refresh and pleasant,
Thank you very much for sharing this it was great.