Jul 31, 2008

Peeping Tom again and some randomness

I’ve been a voyeur before and I totally loved it. Today it happened again and boy, it was exciting! Of course, since I am nothing but a strange person who doesn’t know what he wants from life… I got so excited by I. There is something about her, she manages to surprise me, there is something special about her, after all, something that makes me delay the interruption of our relationship.

I was sitting at my office today, getting bored and pretending I was working, when I received a message from I. “Look,” was everything she wrote and at first I spent quite some seconds waiting for a picture to load or something. But I realized she was talking about the real thing, so I slowly turned my head. She was keeping her legs wide open, allowing me to see under her skirt the fact that she was wearing no lingerie! She only allowed me to view her for five seconds or something, but it was enough to drive me crazy. “It’s aching for you,” was the message that followed from her and I felt like jumping on her right there. It’s this kind of stuff she does that makes me care for her more than I should. She’s fun, she’s unpredictable, she’s kinky. I doubt many girls could’ve done what she did for me, risking to be seen by the others. On the other hand, maybe she likes that. Hmm… :D
P. called me again today. I really had no time for her and this seems to bug her a little. I’m kind of ignoring her and I have the feeling that she’s trying to prove me that she deserves more attention than I'm offering. And, to be honest, I am only offering to give IT to her. If ignorance is not just a bliss, but also a great way to get the girl, I’m going to be such a winner! :D
I laughed like a mad man when I found out I’m not the only guy having problems with girls. One of my friends has a crush on a chick who works at the supermarket near his house. And according to him (he likes to exaggerate things lie sometimes) the chick kind of flirts with him. The only problem is that the “chick” is a women who has a 15 years-old son. And my friend is 21. Love has no boundaries :D

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Jul 30, 2008

Five things that piss me off

I am great at making lists – much better than flirting, dating or doing girls, unfortunately, but a man gotta have his strong points, right? Unfortunately, mine is making lists. Usually, I make list which just exists – lists of “To do’s” (I never manage to do the girls on that list :D), “Should’ve done” (I have nothing to do about these girls, but at list I can keep count of my failures) and so on. You get the point...

Today was a pretty crappy day for me, from many different points of view. Actually, I’m quite pissed of and, in order to calm down, I’m chewing on my leg, while poking my butt with a leather whip. Yuck! No, actually I’m doing nothing but writing. LISTS!

  • I. pisses me off the most – she can’t understand why can’t we tell everybody we have a relationship. Let me tell you, sweetie: because WE DON’T!!!
  • P. pisses me off because she doesn’t want to have sex. I have to work for that, I have to be tender, tell her sweet words and lose precious time. Not to mention the fact that the first letter of her name, P, is a strong reason enough to piss anybody off.
  • I am unable to flirt. And whenever I do manage to spit a good line or do something smart, I am later proved that I was actually thinking with the bulge in my pants. And that fellow down there ain’t smart, let me tell you!
  • I didn’t watch a porn movie for ages. I have just realized that and it pisses me off like hell. Honestly, now! Guys my age should watch an adult-rated movie every now and then, at least for understanding that these movies and real life barely have anything in common.
  • The fact that My Girl Quest is getting close to being a total failure. I have no more chances to follow my plans and screw 100 chicks in one year. That’s impossible (unless, of course, there will be a last-day orgy including me and 50 other girls but, yet again, I should read the 4th reason)
  • As if anybody (except Tom Cruise or whatever) cares about that, for a few days now I only see Scientology adds on my blog. How do you turn such things off, they drive me crazy! (And I thought religion should inspire peace... :D)

All these things suck and piss me off. I’m angry today. I need a massage. Oh, God! I need a girl, too. It’s one of those days when you do something stupid. I’m still trying to guess if I should call I. or P. to my place.

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And the best place for the first date is…

Here they are, with a little delay, the results of the second poll on My Girl Quest. This time I wanted to know from you which is the best place for a first date and I must admit I was a bit surprised with the results: flirting should be done with style – that’s what you said, basically.

Because 9 of the voters said that the best place for a first date is a Fancy Restaurant, I feel good with myself – for a relationship (so not something I want now), that’s exactly the place I would take my girl, and I truly hope you do the same. However, if you have no Fancy Restaurant in sight, you could just go for a romantic walk – that seems to be good enough, too, since 7 people opted for the “more walking, less eating” thing. Better than a hamburger, anyway.

What really surprised me, however, is the fact the classic pub got absolutely no votes. Nada. Nothing. Zero. It seems that people don’t like drinking beer and yelling at each other while eating a cheeseburger… at least not for the first date. Which is not necessary a bad thing.

Because, in the end, I think that not the place is the one responsible for the perfect first date, but the person you’re dating, right?
Now, it’s time for a new poll and I have a solid reason to ask this question: My Girl Quest wants to be a personal diary, and not an adult-rated website/blog/whatever. For me, the amount of mature/adult content is within limits, but I want to know what you believe. Please be honest. And, once again, thank you for reading and voting!

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Jul 29, 2008

Consequences and the clueless mind

I had the time of my life in I’s company and if you didn’t, you must go and read about the crazy girl right now! Well… sort of crazy. Weekend-crazy. Because, it seems that as soon as the week starts, she turns back into her old self: strange, weird, old-school. It doesn’t make sense yet, right?

Well, the things is that on Monday, as soon as I arrived at my workplace, she took me in the bathroom and pleased me there, without even saying "Hi"! No, I was joking :D She did took me inside the bathroom, but instead of wild sex, she said: “You didn’t call me yesterday!” The scary idea that she indeed wants a relationship started to fill the small room. It was all clear when she continued: “What are we going to do? Shall we tell our colleagues about it or we’re keeping it a secret for now?FOR NOW?!? So it’s not just a relationship, but something that’s going to last a while? Oh, boy, I’m in such a mess!

I told her we should keep this a secret and I’m still thinking on what to do to dump her. To let her understand that we only had fun, that I still have 90 chicks to score and time’s running out. However, to be honest, I’m not doing my best to find a solution, because my egoistical half (or three quarters, or whatever) is still waiting for the weekend. For some more adventures, for sex in the trees, scuba diving and blowjobs… crazy stuff like that! However, I do realize I’m in a huge mess, nevertheless. But, for the moment, things are kind of under control.

But there might be a bomb ticking, ready to blow. Today I got a phone call from P, the shy girl who didn’t get into my bed. If you can believe it, I had completely forgotten about her! And now she called, saying that I’m a pig, that I didn’t call her, that she thought I was different and stuff. And I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds like “relationship” too. It seems it’s harder than I imagined finding chick to have fun with. Flirt, go home, do it and say good-bye. Why is it that hard?

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Jul 27, 2008

Girl of the week – Monica Dean

Everybody was blown away by the sexiness of the first girl of the week, Catrinel Menghia and I truly hope I will be able to bring you all the same orgasmic visual experience every week. One thing is clear: just like any other country, Romania doesn’t lack beauty. That’s going to be confirmed by this week’s beauty, Monica Dean (also known as Monica Barladeanu).

The beauty above is far from being a girl – she’s a 30 years old real woman who considered the US much more appealing than her birth country (and who could blame her? :D). Just like Catrinel Menghia, she was born in Romanian city Iasi – so all of you who were planning to visit Romania and our best-known Transylvania region, you should reconsider – I think you’d rather meet some hot girls than a blood-sucking vampire, right?

Back to today’s sexy beauty, Monica Dean! She started her career as a model and slowly started to climb up the charts: she first works as a host for a TV show in Romania, she is named by two different magazines the most beautiful celebrity in Romania, then she heads to movies. Even though you probably do not remember her, she appeared in Lost (1 episode, 15 minutes and you certainly noticed her), and in B movies like Caved In, Second in Command or Living & Dying. However, this matters least – to us, she is a super sexy woman, a hot girl and she definitely has lots of skills. And a great body.

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Wow! Just Wow!

Honestly, that would be enough - repeating over and over again: Wow! Wow! Wow! and so on. I. is a storm. She is absolutely crazy and completely out of this planet. The girl of every man’s dreams and even more. The ultimate fun machine. Honestly. And she doesn’t seem to be crazy (as in a scary kind of way, as I was anticipating). She is wild, she is a beast hidden under some soft skin, because of the job's limitations, probably. But out in the wild, I. is a man-pleasing machine – I’m 100% sure that when she was born, she was singing: “Born to be wiiiiiild!”. I feel blessed.

Best. Weekend. EVER. This could be another way to sum things up (yes, as you can see, I am still very ecstatic and I still feel the adrenaline pumping in my veins, even though I have slept at most 5 hours). Here’s the incredible story:

Just like we were supposed to, we met on Friday and I was pretty nervous: she did to me some really strange things in the past and I had no idea how she would react to our date. Even more, I basically told her, when I got the date, that I’m going to introduce her to a friend of mine. It was obvious that I was just flirting and that was just a figure of speech, but one can never know what a woman understands. So I was nervous and she noticed that. As opposed to me, she was really calm and cool and seemed like a different person than the girl I knew from work. Not to mention that she was incredibly hot, wearing a very tight and sexy black dress. The elegant type, the one that you’d like to get your hands on and rip apart, just like they do in the movies.

Anyway, we ordered something to eat and, most important, some red wine and things eventually started to get a bit more natural. She was not very talkative – quite reserved, I might say – but at least she wasn’t rejecting my whimsy flirt lines. However, there was basically no feedback from her, which was starting to make me feel very uncomfortable. How should’ve I known that her crazy brain was planning? :D

Let’s go!” she suddenly said at a point when the silence was becoming painful. It was a bit of a surprise for me, but I was anticipating it: I couldn’t have said we were having fun. It was just another failed date and I was ready to accept it. However, a man can never know what a woman wants to say with “let’s go”. And she kept me waiting. She likes to play.

When we got in my car, she said nothing. I was waiting for her to tell me to take her home or something, but she was waiting for my question, so I asked: “Where now?”. She giggled. “We should change clothes,” she said completely confusing me. “So we’re going to my place first”. I asked her a few times what her plans were, but she said I’ll see. “We’ll have fun, she kept repeating”. OK, so she was really waning IT and nothing more, I started to imagine…

When we got to her place, she told me to go up with her. If we would’ve gone in, had sex, then kissed goodbye, it would’ve been something normal. Honestly – now, after what happened with us, I really think that would’ve been the most common thing on earth. But it was much more.

She told me to sit down in one of her armchairs and went out, only to come back with tons of clothes. She asked me if I wanted to have fun and, of course, I said yes. She laughed and told me, like it was the most natural thing: “Then let’s go visit the mountains”. I tried to explain her it was late, we had no place to stay there – that it was a complete madness and she said that was the whole point. “Don’t you like adventures?” she asked me and I eventually agreed. The chick is crazy, I told you!

She took her clothes off, just like that (she was wearing some black lingerie, though) and said that I have to choose her outfit. And what followed next is hard to explain in words (especially in a language that’s not your native one :P). It was like a dance, like a teasing-erotic-breath taking-complete madness thing. I was practically tied to the chair and I was obliged to look at her. She was moving slowly, she was sensual, she was teasing, making me go crazy. But she didn’t let me to do anything: she just changed clothes a few times, telling me to choose which outfit is the best. She didn’t even care that I said (all sweaty and way too excited): “Anything. Honestly, anything!

When we got to my home, things got even stranger. She said it was my turn, so I had to strip and change a few pairs of jeans and wear different t-shirts. I think she has some kind of strange fetish with clothes and changing them or something like that. A bit odd, anyway, but back then it was the most erotic thing in the world. At one point, while looking at the bulge in my boxers, she said: “It looks like we’re not the only ones wanting to have fun” and I was truly expecting her to jump on me and please me. Or at least help me with the pain. But she did nothing and I was already getting way too excited. But, as you can see, I survived.

So we got in the car and went in a one day-long vacation. We spent the entire day (Saturday) there and things got a bit back to normal. We didn’t do any bungee jumping, fights with snakes or stuff like that. But it was very cool – something I had never done in my life – I’m the kind of dude who likes to plan his vacations to the last detail. This escape was nothing but magic. Pure magic and I’s company was wonderful, too. It’s unforgettable!

Oh, and if you’re wondering if we did it, after all, the answer is… YES! Not just once – and it was magic, too!

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Jul 25, 2008

All the girls come back, eventually

I’m in a real hurry – I have a date with I. today – but I must clarify what happened last night, since my last post is not exactly relevant – since, usually, starting with things like “I’m pathetic, I can’t change my life, I’m ugly and a bad flirt” and ending with “Yay! I’m sooo happy” could mean one of two things: you’re either a real lunatic, or you really have problems stating what you feel.

Anyway, that’s not important: I went to meet with P. again last night and she did show up - she indeed seemed really sorry, she kept apologizing for her departure but said it was something important and urgent and stuff. However, she did swear to me that it was no deal of her with her friends or something like that. (I also asked her if she’s a secret agent or if she’s living a double life and she said no, too… damn!). However, since she did not tell me exactly why she had to go, I still have my doubts.

But she agreed to come to my place, to “prove you I’m sorry,” she said. And you probably imagine that these words have a specific sense in the context, right? Well… she was literary talking about saying the words “I’m sorry” over and over again – because sex was the last thing she had in mind. I even thought, in my horny and strange mind, that she probably went and did it in an elevator with a big bad dude and then came to me to hold her in my arms and cuddle and stuff. Of course, it was just my mind. :)

I didn’t even try too much – even though we shared the same bed and I tried at first to be a bit pushy, there are signals everybody can get and I didn’t want to force her. It was getting pretty late, too and I am 100% sure today I’m going to get laid with my strange colleague, so I had to be all rested and ready to go.

As you can see, it wasn’t a complete revival of my luck, but it was, at least, better than I was expecting at first. I still have a little entry door open with P. since I promised I’ll call her and we’ll meet again, but I’m not doing anything until I know for sure what’s in I’s mind. Damn, I’m such a busy person! :D
Picture credits: coghillcartooning

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Jul 24, 2008

It comes a time when your luck disappears... that time is now!

Ever since I started my Girl Quest I was very lucky – I’m not a charmer, I’m not a real flirt, I’m not a ladies man. Yet, I have managed to score far more chicks than I or anybody else would’ve expected. I was starting to get the feeling the scoring chicks is actually something so easy or something I’m so good at that I should become some kind of relationship guru or whatever. The truth is that I’m far, far from something like that. And I’m running out of luck, too.

Just as I was supposed to, I went out to meet with P. – she insisted I shouldn’t come and pick her up – so I took the table, ordered the drinks and waited for her, creating all sorts of scenarios in my mind on how the night will go: each and every one of my scenarios ended with the two of us at my place, in my bed, doing the wild thing. I was ready. She was going to get IT.

Or not.

When she arrived, everything was looking great: she was looking great, her perfume was smelling great, even I was feeling OK and not tired, which is a first for the past couple of weeks when I was over-tired from work. Anyway, we started to talk – nothing important, just the regular talk, the prelude, the “how was your day” sort of things you’re talking first. It should’ve been at least a decent night, with two people feeling great together if it wouldn’t have been for the phone.

You know… THE PHONE. I might be a bit paranoid, but usually girls tell some friend to call them for “something urgent and important” in case they don’t like their date. That something happened during her date with me, apparently, because somebody called her, she acted pretty surprised and told me she really has to go. Of course, I offered her my help and said I’ll go with her, but she refused. “It’s something personal,” she said. “I’ll be back”.

Every time I hear that line I think Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator and it doesn’t sound great. I was sure she was not going to come back, but I decided to wait just a bit more – about 15 minutes, just as long as it took me to finish my beer and feel horrible all alone in the crowded pub. Then I called her and the rest was as expected: she was terribly sorry, but she was almost certain she was not going to comeback, so I’d better go home and we’ll meet again. Yeah, right! I just don't understand why she had to do it during our third date... did she keep trying and hoped to get something out of me and I was unable to comply?

And I don’t understand why I am so unlucky. Can things change over night – from the luckiest guy in the world to the most sorrow? I only seem to meet girls who seem to be attracted by my looks/personality/whatever, but then they run away. Does my breath smell bad? Am I actually a horrible person to be around with, the ugly duck, the boring fellow? I have no idea, but things are going wrong. As in horribly wrong and I don’t know why.
UPDATE: Screw that! I’m not that ugly, after all. I have just posted this entry and P. called me, saying she’s sorry and that if I want she can come and meet me. I told her I’m home, she seemed to agree to come here. She said she’ll tell me about her problem, but I don’t really care, as long as thing are finally as they seem to be: in my favor! I’m going to pick her up. Hopefully, there won’t be a second update where I’ll cry for being dumped again. :)

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Tonight we dine at my place

As soon as I finish posting this quick entry I will go and meet with P. – it’s our third date already and I hope she knows that three is the right moment to start doing something. Oh, God, I hope I’ll be dead tired tomorrow at work, but with another girl’s name written in my secret notebook. It’s always hard to convince a girl who doesn’t want to do you that she should. It’s all about the game and I don’t know its rules yet. Heh.

However, I already feel like I’m living two lives: at work I’m flirting with I., during my five minute breaks I call P. and tell her how much I want to be with her… actually, tomorrow I kind of have a date with I. Everything is getting a bit messy here and I truly hope I won’t end up disappointed and basically screwed up by both girls. It has been too long since my last “session” for real and I don’t like it. Hopefully tonight things will change. They have to change! Wish me luck!

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Jul 23, 2008

Two girls for me, please!

Last time I posted I was drinking all alone, stalking my neighbor and fantasizing – I was having no real hopes on getting a girl (any girl, yes), on being able to go to a date, be able to flirt and do something with my life. It was one of those times, you probably know too but you don’t like to talk about. Well… it was wrong!

Unfortunately, my neighbor didn’t start to wave at me, call me to visit her or something similar (although I would’ve totally loved something like that to happen) – actually, she doesn’t even seem to be an exhibitionist, since that was the first and last time I saw her working out without any clothes on (yes, I kept looking every now and then). But it was all for the good.

Later that day (on Sunday, I mean) I went out with one of my friends somewhere nearby to drink a beer and talk a little. I wasn’t dressed up for flirting and I wasn’t even able to think about anything else but my beautiful neighbor’s perfect twins. Fortunately for me, my friend wanted to get a girl and somehow managed to invite two pretty nice girls to share the table with us. As it usually happens, at first we “shared” them wrong – she started flirting with the girl I eventually ended up with and I was kind-of trying to hit on the girl that ended with him (and, by now, he already dumped her – some people! He’s on no Girl Quest, that’s just his way of living!)

P. is the name of the girl and, even though I was not able to get into her pants (or mouth, if I’m allowed to say that) yet, I did not lose my hope since we met for a little while on Monday, too (she wanted us to go for a walk, you know, the “let’s get to know each other better” part I’m not up for, but I have to accept in order to get what I want) and we’re going to meet tomorrow (and not too many times in the future, hopefully, since I really have to do her ASAP).

However, I must admit she’s a really enjoyable person – I love talking to her, I like the way she looks like, I like her style – I like everything about her. It’s sad to see you get the chance to meet a girl that could be a good choice for the future but, since you have other plans, you’ll have to let her go. Hopefully I won’t end up cursed and alone at 60.

Anyway, P. is not the only girl I managed to get my hands on. I., my colleague from work – the girls I promised myself to completely ignore – found a moment yesterday to confess that she didn’t have sex during the past 6 months. Yes, just like that, during the lunch break, while I was eating my god damned sandwich and I almost choked with it! I tried to keep it funny (and I was kind of afraid, too) so I told her the classic “I got a friend who might help you with that, if you wish” and I smiled. She smiled too and nodded. There was a spark in her eyes. She totally wants IT. Totally!

Today she said nothing about that – it was my turn. I didn’t want to push things again (as I probably did the last time when she got pretty scared) so I invited her out on Friday, offering her as an excuse the fact that she’s going to meet a friend of mine. She accepted and said “Will you help me choose my outfit for Friday?”. She definitely wants IT! She is probably crazy, too – and I’ll have some serious trouble after I do her, but I totally need some excitement in my life. Hopefully, she won’t be that bad. I’ll keep you updated. And I’ll also try to remember some more things, because I have the feeling that I forgot a lot of things (that’s what happens when you have to share 3 days in one post).

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It feels great to be back home

First of all I would like to start by apologizing – as you probably saw, the past couple of days I was unable to post anything, since my Internet died at home because of unknown reasons. Unfortunately, I couldn’t post from work either since my boss told me I’m not allowed to do “other things” while working and kept a close eye on me. Gladly, I was still able to surf my favorite Entrecard blogs and read the latest posts. Now I’m 100% back (unless my Internet connection dies again) and ready to share tons of exciting things which happened since I stalked my neighbor.

Until then, a holla from me to my friends who left me comments but, because of the problems mentioned above, I was not able to approve them: Phone Girl and Vikki, Dr. Ferox and Topolk… and everybody else who did not comment but kept visiting, wondering what had happened.. It feels great to know you have support and you’re not alone trying to change your life! This post right here is for you, my beloved readers and virtual friends! And in the next one I hope I’ll manage to say everything that happened with my Girl Quest.

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Jul 20, 2008

Neighbor stalking

I feel like a peeping Tom, like a pathetic loser who, after losing all his reasons of living, all his ways of having fun with girls and basically all self-esteem, starts to look around. Fortunately, what I have found makes me forget about everything and, even though completely wrong, it’s very fun, nevertheless. I found my neighbor.

It’s like at the movies, except for the fact that you don’t have to pay for anything: she lives in an apartment right in front of mine, across the street. You know, since it’s summer and hot and everything, people tend to lose the clothes, keep the windows open and… you know… do whatever they usually do, without noticing that they could become somebody’s else fantasies. Mine, for example.

And what fantasies! She’s a really good looking person, I must admit that – and probably she’s a bit of an exhibitionist (or am I a voyeur?), since she spent all the day in front of her wide open window “working out” (basically, she just jumps around and moves her hand). Also, I am 100% sure she noticed me, but did nothing to hide. I’ll get back to peeping. Who knows, maybe this is her way of flirting? :))

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I see girls, they don’t see me

OK, I am exaggerating a bit here – girls do see me and some of them even allow me (what an honor!) to flirt with them for five minutes before they get bored. The thing is that they don’t really want to see me and I’m not at all lucky to find that right girl searching for a one night stand – ever since O. came into my life for a second, all my girl quest kind of went crazy. I have to talk to her or something, to make the curse go away :D.

Back to the last night – I tried. I tried hard and I got nothing (well, I got a phone number from a girl who was looking just a bit better than my grand grandmother – she was the last girl I tried to get, it was late, I was desperate, but as soon as she started to react positively to my flirting I understood what I had done and stopped. Got her number, though and I’ll never use it). Probably because I have set my standards too high again.

Honestly, now – everybody can sort girls into two categories: the ONS-ready and the hard to get ones. And usually, one would not put one type of girl into a different category. And I can’t help but ask myself – why are the hard to get ones so... hard to get? You see them wearing their siliconed boobies into the most expensive top, you see their little pierced nose going higher and higher, you see their eyes searching for a millionaire, while sipping from an expensive cocktail they don’t even have money to buy... The type of girls who invest into their own beauty just to attract other investors. The bank-girls. Black holes. Or whatever. These are hard to get not because they are special, not because they are obscenely beautiful, not because they are too smart (because they’re not!) – but because they have a plan and they’re following it no matter what, day after day, night after night, until they succeed and another one takes her place. And so on.

These girls are unapproachable – unless they can sniff your very expensive perfume, take a look at your golden watch and see a big bulge in your pants (your wallet filled with cash, that is) they won’t even talk to you. They will ignore you, because they think they are better. Well… this type of girls who believe they are better just because they got the looks and prefer to suck it for money and not because they really care about a person… these girls drive me mad. That’s why I try to get them and teach them a lesson: they are nothing. Unfortunately, I try to much and I manage to do nothing. Lol.

This does not mean, however, that I lost everything. No, I am at least one of the fewest “unworthy” guys who try to get them. I will be one of the even fewer guys who will actually get them and teach them the lesson they deserve to be taught. But, until then, I have to accept the fact that they don’t see me. That, for them, I am still worthless and pathetic and, no matter how smart my lines are, how funny I am or just how damn hot I am, I’m not what they’re searching for. I’m the invisible man, but they’ll see :)

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Jul 19, 2008

Girl of the week – Catrinel Menghia

Most of you, my dear readers, probably know very few things about the country I’m coming from – Romania. It might seem that flirting is way too easy (if you read my first posts) or impossible (if you read what had happened to me during the past couple of weeks). You might wonder how girls look like and if they worth all my trouble. In an attempt to answer you that, I have decided to begin this “girl of the week” series in which I will present you, on a weekly basis, a beautiful Romanian girl – famous or “girl next door”.

The beauty above, as the title of the entry says, is model Catrinel Menghia, a 23 years-old girl currently living in Italy. A “cover” regular not only in Romania, but many other countries, too, she started her career at only 16 years old (when she first appeared in FHM, with her mother’s approval).

Seven years later, a new appearance on the cover of FHM magazine had the picture below as a result. The image was quickly “borrowed” by websites, foreign magazines and it basically became a “must have” and a definite fantasy-maker. Don’t hurry to scroll down, though – it’s NSFW (but it’s worth the risk). Oh, and one more thing about her – she has just been crowned as the “sexiest woman of 2008” in Romania – just so you know who you’re looking at.

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No mystery during the past few days

Time flies, that’s a definite thing. Nothing happens – that’s another. And these two things combined bring nothing but a huge pain in the butt. No flirting means no girls, no girls means no sex, no sex means failure for My Girl Quest – just as my best friend anticipated. Probably I’m just the wrong person to do it and, like Alexis said, I’m not the type of guy who is mentally or physically ready for such a quest. The thing is that I know the basics, I even know a bunch of “advanced” stuff, I can’t complain with my looks nor my charisma, but I just don’t seem ready to do it. I don’t have the balls, I don’t have something and that pisses the hell out of me.

During the past few days things were pretty strange for me at work. I. – the colleague which messed me up a little bit just a while ago – started to act pretty funny again. Among some of the things I would honestly translate as flirting (and I might be wrong, that’s not important), she sent me a bunch of emails – very strange ones – but two of them were particularly strange. Flirting. Romance. Excitement. Sexuality. Call them whatever you want to, there is something strange about them.

The first message I’m talking about was a kind of electronic card – it had the shape of a heart divided into two pieces. One half had a big question mark on it, while the other had her face pictured there. Below the heart was written “Any idea who’s my better half”? So… really now! What was that? What did she mean? I consider it really strange for a girl to send a guy she barely knows an e-card like this one. Especially if that guy had just invited you to his home and you said “no, let’s just be friends”.

Another message she sent me was even stranger, though. It was just one line: “Friday I’m going to a party and I don’t know what to wear. What do you say?” and below were four pictures of her wearing four different outfits. What the hell was this all about?

Did I just found myself a psycho girl? A strange, chaotic, stalking girl? Or just somebody who has absolutely no idea how to make friends? Whatever that is, one thing is certain: I’ll try to stay as far from her as I can.
Image credits: theharwoods.org

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Jul 16, 2008

Good music gone bad because of me (2)

The second episode of my “embarrassing moments” mini-series begins with C, the reason why My Girl Quest actually exists, the reason why I’m so up for dating again and I want my life back. But while I do that, I don’t see why shouldn’t I make a little fun of myself. It’s not that bad and hopefully I will not make anybody else to “hear” a song in a different manner (as it happened to TOPolk in my previous entry).

The first good music gone bad happened about one and a half years ago – during that time, C. and I were still having “fun” in the “nuptial bed” :D. And this specific moment I’m talking about happened exactly during one of these “fun” sessions – we were right at it when Barbara Streisand started to sing her Woman in Love hit – a song I find quite enjoyable. However, what I started doing when I heard the song was pretty strange: “I am a woman in love / And I’d give anything / To hold you into my arms” – that’s what I started to sing, without realizing that it was the worst possible moment. C.’s face first turned red, since she was trying to keep it going – but eventually just couldn’t handle it and started to laugh madly, to my surprise. When I understood her reason, it was already too late. Guess there’s no reason to say that we had to postpone our session for the other day, thanks to my karaoke…

And the second good music gone bad episode happened to me after the “C” era, when I was doing about the same things I’m doing now: girl hunting. And I had a prey back then, a very beautiful one, too – I was at home with her, we were already dating, but she kept insisting that she will under no circumstances have sex with me (or anybody else) before marriage. However, before that specific date, we had already drunk some alcohol, we were making out for some time – we were having fun! At one point, when the tent which appears in such situations was turning into an aching pain, the girl said something like: “You know, I guess giving you a blowjob is not a problem” – so she keeled down and started to do what she said she would. Of course, the music was still playing. I don’t know how long it took me to realize what song was on, but I eventually did (and it was a true Kodak moment): Ayo was singing “Down on my knees – I beg you please – down on my knees…” while I was looking down at the girl who was not begging, but doing a great job. It was priceless!

Stay tuned for the (probably) last episode of the series, with my hip hop pimpin’ embarrassments together with Eminem and Ludacris.

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Jul 15, 2008

Relative state of mind: wasted, idiotic

Today was a really strange day and it got proved to me that you can’t understand women. Period. Or that men are just creatures who have no idea about the most basic social interaction types – you talk, I talk, we both listen and that’s it. Nooo, it always has to be a bit more complicated and the “bad” thing has to be on my side. Forever and ever, like a curse, like something which will always go wrong.

Today was one of those days when something unexpected happened at my workplace and they allowed us to go home about four hours earlier. I took advantage of the situation and invited I. (a work colleague who I believe wants IT from me) to have a drink with me. She accepted and we went to a pub nearby. And we started to drink and talked and everything was fine – we were both getting pretty dizzy and I was starting to think if we should go to my place or hers. One thing was clear: we were going to do it and only the day after I was going to worry about what I did. A classic, male-ish situation.

On the other hand, apparently she was in a classic, feminine situation, since when I asked her: “Want to continue it at my place,” she honestly asked me: “Why?” Just like that, plain and simple question I couldn’t have answered honestly in a hundred years. A question I never anticipated and which hit me like a hammer, crushed me like a bug and put me to silent mode.

Why?” she asked again while I was still staring at her like the dumbest Dumbo, sweating like a pig and trying to find a way out of the whole situation. Unfortunately, the only thing that got to me then was a classic, rather outdated line: I told her I had a bottle of great wine at home. “You’re so silly sometimes,” she replied. “I don’t like wine!”

It was crystal clear: she wanted IT no longer (no pun intended, honestly). After days of looking at me, telling me I’m cute, telling me she has no friends, that she feels alone, that she needs a life… after accepting my God damned invitation to go for a drink (as in just the two of us!) she no longer wants IT. IF she ever wanted IT. I no longer understand anything and I feel like a complete idiot. Was she giving me hints or my mind was playing tricks? Did she change her mind? Was she too scared? I guess I’ll never know, but one thing is clear: I. won’t be on my list too soon :D

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Jul 14, 2008

A relatively good start of the week

Unlike last week when I was tired, wasted and ready to be controlled by my boss, I started this week full of life, energy and desire to win as many girls as possible. My flirting mana is to maximum levels, my charm is maximized, too and I am ready to hit the top spot as often as possible: this week I want to break some records when it comes to girls I get my hands on, since I kind of lost momentum and I don't want to make it a habit.

Of course, I did not get too many chances today since I still spend most of my time in an office, but at least I tried a bit more to find out what I.’s intentions really are: as I said before, it’s a really tricky situation here and things could get completely messed up if I do something wrong (I am talking, of course, about the only wrong thing I want to do – with work colleagues, it could get pretty tough :D).

Anyway, I kind of stalked I. the whole day and tried to learn her habits, try to “read” if she’s the type who wants commitment or fun. Of course, my eagle eye skills told me nothing about that, but while I was looking and looking and looking at her I did notice something: she’s quite pretty and I’m not the only guy working there who checks her out. And that made me a little bit anxious. I need to have her!

During the lunch break, I “accidentally” ran into her and we shared the same table for a wonderful hour. I tried to keep the flirting to a minimum and act as natural as possible (just as I said a while ago about the whole flirting technique) and she proved to be a really charming, enjoyable person – there are moments when you realize even more that women should never be treated as I try to treat them, that they are human beings and they really deserve much more attention than we (as in men) are ready to offer. However, I have a quest here and, as unpleasant as it is, I have to keep going.

And that was about it today. I just got to meet her a bit better, we talked, we enjoyed each other, we promised to spend some more time together. By the end of the week I need to have had her in my bed already and I need to move on – I noticed that, starting the “O incident” I started to become a bit too sensitive when it comes to girl. That should change, for at least 11 more months.

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Good music gone bad because of me

We’re young, we’re flirting, we’re dating, we’re all gorgeous together but, most important, we’re sexual persons (supposedly, “we” are not over 70 :P). For some of us, including myself, there is a real mating ritual (as in mating playlist) which has to be respected when it comes to fun in the bed. And whenever one has something he or she must follow exactly, problems arise – you must have gone through some really funny situations with your “love music playlist” and partner - I know I did! And, since there are no girls I managed to “capture” today (flirting at over 35 degrees Celsius is a tough job!), I decided to remember and share my embarrassing moments of good music gone bad.

The first episode I'm presenting involves me, one of my ex-girlfriends and Michael Jackson (no, we were not underage and visiting his mansion :D). But we were still early teens and it was still kind of cool to listen to MJ’s music, so he was in my playlist.

I remember that I was getting very passionate with this one girl when, all of a sudden, Michael started to sing his They Don’t Care About Us song – if you know it, you probably also know that it’s not really the best track for sweet love-making. I, for one, was sure of that, but at the same time I had no intention to stop what I was doing and go change the song. So I decided to deal with the situation in a fun, teen, worry-less type of way.

I started to synchronize my moves with the beat of the drums from the song which, at first, was proved to be a true moneymaker: my girlfriend started to scream even harder, she was really enjoying that fast pump-up-the-jam action. However, for my body it proved to be VERY bad idea since I only managed to make my girl scream for just about a minute more… *blushes*

Yes, you can imagine it was very embarrassing for me and, even though I kept repeating to myself that it was only an accident, one thing’s clear: I would not dare to double check this. Not to mention the fact that, back then, for quite a long time, the girl kept reminding me that we needed more time to take our clothes off, than to have girl-to-man fun. Yeah, thanks a lot for that, Michael!

Until I find some time to continue my good music gone bad series (yes, unfortunately, I have more – “A woman in love” and “Down in my knees” are already scheduled for the next "episode"), here’s the song that made me redefine the term of “quickie” (just follow the drums if you want to test it):

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Jul 13, 2008

The sexiest EURO 2008 fans (NSFW)

You probably remember the eye candy that used to be my The sexiest EURO 2008 girls entry, presenting the most beautiful and sexy girls found at EURO 2008. Well, now I have found the ultimate treat for you, found while searching for a certain picture on flickr. Yes, it's a rather lengthy post, but I am sure every male on this planet will love it. Hell, when I see that much beauty I can't help but wonder how could it feel to know you have such sexy fans (as a football player, I mean). Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to see my thoughts and only skip to the images, so here you go (and, even though I promised I will never again post photo-entries, I hope you can understand it was needed)

We'll start with two white angels, Greek and Russian sexy fans:
This Swedish girl (on the right) is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in ages. I could not, however, understand which teams did the first two beauties represent.
If Poland and Spain played so well for this year's EURO 2008, I can understand why. With such great fans, you'd have your reasons, right?
This Croatian (probably) chick on the left is clearly thinking about something else but football :D But I can't say football is the first thing I have in mind while checking the second girl, a sexy Turkish fan :D
This Romanian chick on the right is definitely a girl I'd love to date during my girl quest. Is it possible, God? The second picture presents us a sexy French fan who likes some lickin'.
Switzerland and Portugal seem to have the most sporty fans. Way to go, girls! Exercise is what makes a perfect body (and they seem to know that)
The best two pics, in my opinion and definitely the sexiest of them all. An Italian fan that is definitely the EURO 2008 winner and a Holland beauty which seems to be thinking more at American football, not soccer, but we'll forgive her.
Two more angels, the German and Czech best female supporters:
And, finally, the host of the tournament: Austria fan!

And, now... I don't know about you, but I need a cold, cold shower. These girls are definitely more fanatic than the first presented in the previous post mentioned above. Also, the fact that they love body painting that much, makes them even better. Hopefully, when my year-long Girl Quest will reach to an end, I'll have at least half as beautiful girls in my "repertoire". Until then, feel free to share your opinion and decide who's the best looking of them all. I can't decide between the Italian, Turkish and Swedish fans.
All credit for the pictures go to Strokker1

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Does cyber-dating count?

Honestly, I was not expecting this week to be a good one for me and my girl quest – it started like hell, it only seemed fair to end like that. Everybody needs to have a “black week” or something like that when you don’t date, don’t meet any new girls, there are no "hot" prospects for your life… when you’re unable to do the things you wanted to. This was my black week, the one and only – hopefully.

I did went out last night, but the place was completely wrong for finding girls to have fun with: it was a pretty comfy and rather fancy pub where people mainly come to sit, drink an expensive cocktail and listen to ambiental music. IF there happens for a girl to be alone in that place, it means that she’s either waiting for her partner (date/husband or whatever) or she’s a lesbian. And I knew that this place was a true testosterone killer before going there, but I had to meet my group of friends – I kind of ignored everybody during this week...

I got home pretty early – before midnight – and I was planning to post an entry, crying you an ocean (since the river’s taken) about this pathetic week, when something happened, the unexpected, I might say, the day savior, the miracle. No, unfortunately the sky did not open to teleport a girl to my bedroom. Instead, one of my online friends, who was pretty drunk, too, started to complain because of a recent failed date and kept saying that people don’t know how to have fun nowadays, that we have to evolve, progress and stuff like that. Explore our sexuality, try new things and keep the adrenaline pumped up in our veins. Things like that which make you believe you’re a genius if you say them while you’re drunk. :D

Anyway, I told the girl to turn on her webcam and have cybersex with me, no strings attached – just for “sexploration” (and I was actually hoping to make her ignore me since I wanted to write my blog entry - how geek is that?).

Three minutes later, when I was in the middle of my pathetic post, she invited me to view her webcam. And there she was, wearing only her black lingerie, looking cute and slightly drunk. She said: “I was wearing my pijamas. You can’t have cybersex wearing your fluffy bunny pijamas, right?”. And while she was saying that I was starting to feel the excitement…

All in all, it was a great night, I must admit – even though there was this point when both her and I felt like jumping in an airplane and meet somewhere to do the real thing. But this “virtual” experience was nice, too. It was the first time I did something like that and I don’t regret I tried. It’s not at all a substitute for the real thing, but it’s better than watching an adult-rated movie alone :D And, hey! don’t blame me! I truly agree that you must try some things at least once!

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