Jul 31, 2008

Peeping Tom again and some randomness

I’ve been a voyeur before and I totally loved it. Today it happened again and boy, it was exciting! Of course, since I am nothing but a strange person who doesn’t know what he wants from life… I got so excited by I. There is something about her, she manages to surprise me, there is something special about her, after all, something that makes me delay the interruption of our relationship.

I was sitting at my office today, getting bored and pretending I was working, when I received a message from I. “Look,” was everything she wrote and at first I spent quite some seconds waiting for a picture to load or something. But I realized she was talking about the real thing, so I slowly turned my head. She was keeping her legs wide open, allowing me to see under her skirt the fact that she was wearing no lingerie! She only allowed me to view her for five seconds or something, but it was enough to drive me crazy. “It’s aching for you,” was the message that followed from her and I felt like jumping on her right there. It’s this kind of stuff she does that makes me care for her more than I should. She’s fun, she’s unpredictable, she’s kinky. I doubt many girls could’ve done what she did for me, risking to be seen by the others. On the other hand, maybe she likes that. Hmm… :D
P. called me again today. I really had no time for her and this seems to bug her a little. I’m kind of ignoring her and I have the feeling that she’s trying to prove me that she deserves more attention than I'm offering. And, to be honest, I am only offering to give IT to her. If ignorance is not just a bliss, but also a great way to get the girl, I’m going to be such a winner! :D
I laughed like a mad man when I found out I’m not the only guy having problems with girls. One of my friends has a crush on a chick who works at the supermarket near his house. And according to him (he likes to exaggerate things lie sometimes) the chick kind of flirts with him. The only problem is that the “chick” is a women who has a 15 years-old son. And my friend is 21. Love has no boundaries :D

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Phone Girl said...

I. seems like trouble brewing, fun and exciting but when you can't stand it anymore, she is going to hit you with the ultimatum, of being with her or without her. Be careful....