Jul 4, 2008

People say about My Girl Quest...

When I first started writing this blog I wanted it to be a quiet, really personal dating diary. I knew nothing about blogging (nor flirting) but today I have learned a few tricks on both, even though my priority is still My Girl Quest.

I must admit, though, that I really like all the attention my blog has received during its first month and, even though it’s nowhere near what a veteran blogger would call satisfactory, my megalomaniac ego is pleased. Because there are quite a few people who care, who like to know what happens with my quest and who help me, every now and then, with precious advice and support. The most important thing they (or, would it be better if I said YOU?) do, though, is reading. There is nothing better for a pathetic Don Juan-wannabe like myself than knowing that his adventure, which can not be shared with his real friends, can still be shared here, with the virtual friends.

And I really like that at least a bunch of people (6, to be more specific) have faith and believe that I will have the needed strength to complete my quest. To succeed. To get the 100 girls within the 365 days. At least that’s what the poll says…

However, I am not at all surprised to find out that exactly the same amount of people are sure I will fail. One of the votes there is mine and I will probably never change it. Still, I hope that things will evolve in such a way that everybody else will be convinced to change their vote. And hopefully I will be able to prove to the world that even a semi-failure like myself (or whatever you’d like to name a guy who gets dumped by a girl after loving her for 5 years like truly, madly, deeply) can turn his life around and start living it on the fast lane.

And back to my flirting/dating/life changing saga! Except from the 12 people who voted this first poll (without counting me – and don’t laugh at the numbers, it’s still a young blog :P) I have also received three personal messages (via comments) from people who wanted to encourage me. I was surprised. Surprised to see that people care, people are willing to help, people wish to encourage me. So thank you all for the support! If all the people in this world would be as great as you are, we would live in a perfect world!

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