Jul 5, 2008

Breaking news

I was just getting ready to go to the club again, girl hunting, but my plans had to change (into much better, I anticipate). I just got a call from a good old girl friend of mine who announced me she's going to visit. Apparently she just got back in the country (she managed to move in the US about ten years ago together with her family).

Anyway, the idea is that I had a crush on her when I was much younger and she admitted during some of the chats we had online that she also liked me back then. Sometimes we would even start fantasizing about how would've our lives looked like if she wouldn't have gone abroad. And now she calls me on the phone saying "Surprise!". And I know the girl, she's very open minded - if everything goes as it should and I won't screw up, we should end by having sex. So stay tuned, 'cuz I'm sure pictures will follow! :D

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