Jul 3, 2008

My Girl Quest vs. Her Man Quest

It was just the other day when I was realizing that My Girl Quest is totally different from anything a sane person, or at least a grown up, would do. I mean… it doesn’t really make sense to keep flirting, dating and having sex with random girls just because, right? Well, this is exactly what I am planning to do and, at the moment, I am not ready nor willing to start a true relationship, just like I said before.

Though, I have realized that I’m not the only person with a quest – there are other people blogging about very similar things (yet very different). One of them and the person who made me realize that “I’m not alone” is Prisqua and her quest to find love again. I guess you see the similarities. And there are more.

She is picked up by all sorts of people (“hwy baby how r y y r so beautiful and sexy” is an example of today’s art of picking up, which means we’re doomed!), I keep improving my pick up techniques. She keeps rejecting all those losers, I can be considered one of then, up to a point (at least that’s what I like to believe). Well… at least I know I got rejected quite a few times during this past month. So… you see the similarities.

What makes us different? It is exactly the core of our missions: I am out to have fun, live my dream, create my adventure, get the girls and forget their names; Prisqua tries to find love – she doesn’t have time for silly little games, quick little pointless sexcapades and so on (or, if she does have time, it’s not what she’s looking for :P). Yes, she wants to find true love again. So, I may ask you now: who has the easiest job to do? Me, of course! Who will win the most if the end of the quest will be successful? Her, of course – I would only have 100 names written in a notebook (and within the posts here), she would have only one name to remember, cherish and enjoy for the rest of her life. Well, that is something worth going after! The only problem is that I don’t have time for that, yet. I have other plans – but it’s all because I want to prove something to myself, not because I’m a mindless, heartless beast. And that is the most important reason why I wish Prisqua and her Man Quest good luck (and quickly get back into my underground, secret lab to start searching the perfect flirting techniques :D)

P.S. For all the lads reading this post - this is Prisqua (watch to the end, it's worth all your time!):

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Prisqua said...

:) i hope you dont mind I changed my title to My Man's Quest, it sounded more appropriate now lol

I just wanted to add though, that I will still have quite a few names on the list because it's a bit like..."try before you buy..."
But of course, I will go for it with the intention of buying when you have absolutely NO intention to buy!

And I am ok with what you are doing as long as no one gets hurt in the process...

And even though you say you don't want a relationship at this point, you might still encounter the one that will capture your heart, even if you will deny it... love is not a feeling we can control that easily...

So interesting to follow your quest and honestly wish we could go on a date just for the fun of it... lol

Mr. Fast said...

Well... you know, going on a date would really be fun, having in mind that we both know what the other's plans are, but at the same time it would be really difficult to do, since we're living on two different continents. Not to mention the fact that you don't want anybody under 30 (thankfully, I am over 1.80m :P)