Jul 24, 2008

Tonight we dine at my place

As soon as I finish posting this quick entry I will go and meet with P. – it’s our third date already and I hope she knows that three is the right moment to start doing something. Oh, God, I hope I’ll be dead tired tomorrow at work, but with another girl’s name written in my secret notebook. It’s always hard to convince a girl who doesn’t want to do you that she should. It’s all about the game and I don’t know its rules yet. Heh.

However, I already feel like I’m living two lives: at work I’m flirting with I., during my five minute breaks I call P. and tell her how much I want to be with her… actually, tomorrow I kind of have a date with I. Everything is getting a bit messy here and I truly hope I won’t end up disappointed and basically screwed up by both girls. It has been too long since my last “session” for real and I don’t like it. Hopefully tonight things will change. They have to change! Wish me luck!

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