Jul 20, 2008

Neighbor stalking

I feel like a peeping Tom, like a pathetic loser who, after losing all his reasons of living, all his ways of having fun with girls and basically all self-esteem, starts to look around. Fortunately, what I have found makes me forget about everything and, even though completely wrong, it’s very fun, nevertheless. I found my neighbor.

It’s like at the movies, except for the fact that you don’t have to pay for anything: she lives in an apartment right in front of mine, across the street. You know, since it’s summer and hot and everything, people tend to lose the clothes, keep the windows open and… you know… do whatever they usually do, without noticing that they could become somebody’s else fantasies. Mine, for example.

And what fantasies! She’s a really good looking person, I must admit that – and probably she’s a bit of an exhibitionist (or am I a voyeur?), since she spent all the day in front of her wide open window “working out” (basically, she just jumps around and moves her hand). Also, I am 100% sure she noticed me, but did nothing to hide. I’ll get back to peeping. Who knows, maybe this is her way of flirting? :))

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Phone Girl said...

Oh how I love this blog, you always have something good going on here.
Exhibitionist are fun.... always give you something to look forward to. Maybe she should be your next girl....get her. I'll be back for a full update on the ex-girl.....lol.

P.S. - thanks for filling out my phone sex survey, you should have let me know it was you. *wink*

Vikki said...

Or maybe she enjoys the attention you're giving her. LOL.