Jul 27, 2008

Girl of the week – Monica Dean

Everybody was blown away by the sexiness of the first girl of the week, Catrinel Menghia and I truly hope I will be able to bring you all the same orgasmic visual experience every week. One thing is clear: just like any other country, Romania doesn’t lack beauty. That’s going to be confirmed by this week’s beauty, Monica Dean (also known as Monica Barladeanu).

The beauty above is far from being a girl – she’s a 30 years old real woman who considered the US much more appealing than her birth country (and who could blame her? :D). Just like Catrinel Menghia, she was born in Romanian city Iasi – so all of you who were planning to visit Romania and our best-known Transylvania region, you should reconsider – I think you’d rather meet some hot girls than a blood-sucking vampire, right?

Back to today’s sexy beauty, Monica Dean! She started her career as a model and slowly started to climb up the charts: she first works as a host for a TV show in Romania, she is named by two different magazines the most beautiful celebrity in Romania, then she heads to movies. Even though you probably do not remember her, she appeared in Lost (1 episode, 15 minutes and you certainly noticed her), and in B movies like Caved In, Second in Command or Living & Dying. However, this matters least – to us, she is a super sexy woman, a hot girl and she definitely has lots of skills. And a great body.

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Kath Lockett said...

....and she seems like such a shy young petal

Farhah said...


Free Money Maker said...

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Mr. Fast said...

@kath: Indeed, she looks really shy :))
@farahh: Yes, but she's not the only one!
@fmm: Thanks! But "blogging experience" are not the best words to describe my blogging experience :))

TOPolk said...

Daddy likes.