Jul 14, 2008

Good music gone bad because of me

We’re young, we’re flirting, we’re dating, we’re all gorgeous together but, most important, we’re sexual persons (supposedly, “we” are not over 70 :P). For some of us, including myself, there is a real mating ritual (as in mating playlist) which has to be respected when it comes to fun in the bed. And whenever one has something he or she must follow exactly, problems arise – you must have gone through some really funny situations with your “love music playlist” and partner - I know I did! And, since there are no girls I managed to “capture” today (flirting at over 35 degrees Celsius is a tough job!), I decided to remember and share my embarrassing moments of good music gone bad.

The first episode I'm presenting involves me, one of my ex-girlfriends and Michael Jackson (no, we were not underage and visiting his mansion :D). But we were still early teens and it was still kind of cool to listen to MJ’s music, so he was in my playlist.

I remember that I was getting very passionate with this one girl when, all of a sudden, Michael started to sing his They Don’t Care About Us song – if you know it, you probably also know that it’s not really the best track for sweet love-making. I, for one, was sure of that, but at the same time I had no intention to stop what I was doing and go change the song. So I decided to deal with the situation in a fun, teen, worry-less type of way.

I started to synchronize my moves with the beat of the drums from the song which, at first, was proved to be a true moneymaker: my girlfriend started to scream even harder, she was really enjoying that fast pump-up-the-jam action. However, for my body it proved to be VERY bad idea since I only managed to make my girl scream for just about a minute more… *blushes*

Yes, you can imagine it was very embarrassing for me and, even though I kept repeating to myself that it was only an accident, one thing’s clear: I would not dare to double check this. Not to mention the fact that, back then, for quite a long time, the girl kept reminding me that we needed more time to take our clothes off, than to have girl-to-man fun. Yeah, thanks a lot for that, Michael!

Until I find some time to continue my good music gone bad series (yes, unfortunately, I have more – “A woman in love” and “Down in my knees” are already scheduled for the next "episode"), here’s the song that made me redefine the term of “quickie” (just follow the drums if you want to test it):

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TOPolk said...

At no point in my life have I ever equated this song to love making.

I will forever hear that drum line in a different light now.

'Preciate it. I think?

Mr. Fast said...

Hahaha, indeed! It's only Winamp's shuffle mode's fault (and I never used it since that moment!)