Jul 30, 2008

And the best place for the first date is…

Here they are, with a little delay, the results of the second poll on My Girl Quest. This time I wanted to know from you which is the best place for a first date and I must admit I was a bit surprised with the results: flirting should be done with style – that’s what you said, basically.

Because 9 of the voters said that the best place for a first date is a Fancy Restaurant, I feel good with myself – for a relationship (so not something I want now), that’s exactly the place I would take my girl, and I truly hope you do the same. However, if you have no Fancy Restaurant in sight, you could just go for a romantic walk – that seems to be good enough, too, since 7 people opted for the “more walking, less eating” thing. Better than a hamburger, anyway.

What really surprised me, however, is the fact the classic pub got absolutely no votes. Nada. Nothing. Zero. It seems that people don’t like drinking beer and yelling at each other while eating a cheeseburger… at least not for the first date. Which is not necessary a bad thing.

Because, in the end, I think that not the place is the one responsible for the perfect first date, but the person you’re dating, right?
Now, it’s time for a new poll and I have a solid reason to ask this question: My Girl Quest wants to be a personal diary, and not an adult-rated website/blog/whatever. For me, the amount of mature/adult content is within limits, but I want to know what you believe. Please be honest. And, once again, thank you for reading and voting!

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