Jul 19, 2008

No mystery during the past few days

Time flies, that’s a definite thing. Nothing happens – that’s another. And these two things combined bring nothing but a huge pain in the butt. No flirting means no girls, no girls means no sex, no sex means failure for My Girl Quest – just as my best friend anticipated. Probably I’m just the wrong person to do it and, like Alexis said, I’m not the type of guy who is mentally or physically ready for such a quest. The thing is that I know the basics, I even know a bunch of “advanced” stuff, I can’t complain with my looks nor my charisma, but I just don’t seem ready to do it. I don’t have the balls, I don’t have something and that pisses the hell out of me.

During the past few days things were pretty strange for me at work. I. – the colleague which messed me up a little bit just a while ago – started to act pretty funny again. Among some of the things I would honestly translate as flirting (and I might be wrong, that’s not important), she sent me a bunch of emails – very strange ones – but two of them were particularly strange. Flirting. Romance. Excitement. Sexuality. Call them whatever you want to, there is something strange about them.

The first message I’m talking about was a kind of electronic card – it had the shape of a heart divided into two pieces. One half had a big question mark on it, while the other had her face pictured there. Below the heart was written “Any idea who’s my better half”? So… really now! What was that? What did she mean? I consider it really strange for a girl to send a guy she barely knows an e-card like this one. Especially if that guy had just invited you to his home and you said “no, let’s just be friends”.

Another message she sent me was even stranger, though. It was just one line: “Friday I’m going to a party and I don’t know what to wear. What do you say?” and below were four pictures of her wearing four different outfits. What the hell was this all about?

Did I just found myself a psycho girl? A strange, chaotic, stalking girl? Or just somebody who has absolutely no idea how to make friends? Whatever that is, one thing is certain: I’ll try to stay as far from her as I can.
Image credits: theharwoods.org

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Prisqua said...

Some girls like to play...and tease... kinda of an ego boost... to see what you are going to do and how much you want them... but you are right, I would stay away as those types are more trouble than anything else...