Jul 25, 2008

All the girls come back, eventually

I’m in a real hurry – I have a date with I. today – but I must clarify what happened last night, since my last post is not exactly relevant – since, usually, starting with things like “I’m pathetic, I can’t change my life, I’m ugly and a bad flirt” and ending with “Yay! I’m sooo happy” could mean one of two things: you’re either a real lunatic, or you really have problems stating what you feel.

Anyway, that’s not important: I went to meet with P. again last night and she did show up - she indeed seemed really sorry, she kept apologizing for her departure but said it was something important and urgent and stuff. However, she did swear to me that it was no deal of her with her friends or something like that. (I also asked her if she’s a secret agent or if she’s living a double life and she said no, too… damn!). However, since she did not tell me exactly why she had to go, I still have my doubts.

But she agreed to come to my place, to “prove you I’m sorry,” she said. And you probably imagine that these words have a specific sense in the context, right? Well… she was literary talking about saying the words “I’m sorry” over and over again – because sex was the last thing she had in mind. I even thought, in my horny and strange mind, that she probably went and did it in an elevator with a big bad dude and then came to me to hold her in my arms and cuddle and stuff. Of course, it was just my mind. :)

I didn’t even try too much – even though we shared the same bed and I tried at first to be a bit pushy, there are signals everybody can get and I didn’t want to force her. It was getting pretty late, too and I am 100% sure today I’m going to get laid with my strange colleague, so I had to be all rested and ready to go.

As you can see, it wasn’t a complete revival of my luck, but it was, at least, better than I was expecting at first. I still have a little entry door open with P. since I promised I’ll call her and we’ll meet again, but I’m not doing anything until I know for sure what’s in I’s mind. Damn, I’m such a busy person! :D
Picture credits: coghillcartooning

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