Jul 13, 2008

The sexiest EURO 2008 fans (NSFW)

You probably remember the eye candy that used to be my The sexiest EURO 2008 girls entry, presenting the most beautiful and sexy girls found at EURO 2008. Well, now I have found the ultimate treat for you, found while searching for a certain picture on flickr. Yes, it's a rather lengthy post, but I am sure every male on this planet will love it. Hell, when I see that much beauty I can't help but wonder how could it feel to know you have such sexy fans (as a football player, I mean). Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to see my thoughts and only skip to the images, so here you go (and, even though I promised I will never again post photo-entries, I hope you can understand it was needed)

We'll start with two white angels, Greek and Russian sexy fans:
This Swedish girl (on the right) is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in ages. I could not, however, understand which teams did the first two beauties represent.
If Poland and Spain played so well for this year's EURO 2008, I can understand why. With such great fans, you'd have your reasons, right?
This Croatian (probably) chick on the left is clearly thinking about something else but football :D But I can't say football is the first thing I have in mind while checking the second girl, a sexy Turkish fan :D
This Romanian chick on the right is definitely a girl I'd love to date during my girl quest. Is it possible, God? The second picture presents us a sexy French fan who likes some lickin'.
Switzerland and Portugal seem to have the most sporty fans. Way to go, girls! Exercise is what makes a perfect body (and they seem to know that)
The best two pics, in my opinion and definitely the sexiest of them all. An Italian fan that is definitely the EURO 2008 winner and a Holland beauty which seems to be thinking more at American football, not soccer, but we'll forgive her.
Two more angels, the German and Czech best female supporters:
And, finally, the host of the tournament: Austria fan!

And, now... I don't know about you, but I need a cold, cold shower. These girls are definitely more fanatic than the first presented in the previous post mentioned above. Also, the fact that they love body painting that much, makes them even better. Hopefully, when my year-long Girl Quest will reach to an end, I'll have at least half as beautiful girls in my "repertoire". Until then, feel free to share your opinion and decide who's the best looking of them all. I can't decide between the Italian, Turkish and Swedish fans.
All credit for the pictures go to Strokker1

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RudieCantFail said...

Seriously hot. I love soccer now. I love it.

Mr. Fast said...

The girls love it too, apparently :D