Jun 18, 2008

The sexiest Euro 2008 girls

Following my bad experience with M, I felt like "surfing for girls". And, as you might know, the UEFA Euro 2008 is a place where the best football (soccer) teams meet on court. But have you ever wondered what happens off court? Well... with just a few clicks, I did! :D In the stands, where the fans are hoping for the best for their team? Well, let me assure you that there is the best for a man to watch. And, as a proof, I have selected a list of “best-of” girls from Euro 2008. Enjoy!

Note: I don’t really like posting “image-only” entries, but this time I’ll HAVE to make an exception. Just look at the chicks! (Oh, and also, I must admit that it took like forever to arrange them in the page. Click on the thumbs to enlarge and better use the “open in new tab/window option”)

First, the most beautiful Croatian, Austrian and Italian girls:

Now, some Czech, Greek and Holland angels:

German, French and Spanish super-fans:

Russian, Romanian and Polish cuties:

Turkish, Swedish and Swiss best looking girl fans:

And a little Portuguese cherry:

Which of these gorgeous soccer girls looks best suited for you? Feel free to tell me. Hopefully it will be of some inspiration to me and I'll be able to get over M. with more ease (to be honest, I never though about her for a second, but I'm just saying...)

If you enjoyed these sexy girls, visit my second entry featuring sexy Euro 2008 girls (click on the orange link!)
Image from: Eurogirls

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RudieCantFail said...

This site is a sin... And I love it! Euro girls. My god. Lovely.

Mr. Fast said...

It's not a sin. Beautiful girls are never a sin. Unless you or them are married (but even that is something one could excuse :D)

Anonymous said...

The site is ONLINE again! Sorry for the delay! Enjoy the new girls! ;)

Russian Women said...

That's awesome. I'm so glad you started blogging and that I can call you my friend. Keep posting and I'll keep reading.