Jun 5, 2008

Lucky Thursday!

Simply unbelievable! I might be turning into a lucky person. God, and I’m so tired now... Heh! But happy, y'a know?

I literary dragged D with me to the pub. Both he and I were tired, but I can’t just sit here and wait for something to happen, can I? Well… it seems that I was right and I’m again closer to score.

Since it was still early, we got a free table but soon they were all occupied. It just happened that two chicks (who proved to have bigger balls than mine) asked if they could sit at the same table with us. Can you imagine? We said yes and they were… how can I say it? Very open would probably be the best way to describe their behavior.

C. (not the first girl, duh!, even a different name, just the same first letter) was the girl that kind of flirted with me… I bought her a beer (yeah, she’s a beer person), she bought me one (!!!) she seems like a super chick. We did not, however, do anything. I didn’t want to risk it all by pushing too hard (even though D told me I was stupid not to, because the girl wanted The D***). Oh… well…

The good part is that we will meet tomorrow. Her apartment is very close to my workplace and she invited me to visit her – she said that she still owns me a beer (!!!) I guess it’s obvious what’s going to happen, right? ;) So, please, God! Make this one be real!

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