Jun 24, 2008

Flirting Tip #2

Basically, we could consider a part of my previous entry as the second flirting tip and this one here the third. But whenever beautiful girls are involved (and, luckily, they keep coming), counting is the last thing that really matters. Especially when you're dead tired after an almost perfect night out.

Last night was the first I actually managed to go to the club during this mini-vacation of mine and we all know that clubs are the best pick-up spots for willing guys like me. However, my flirting last night was a bit different from what one might expect (and, of course, completely unintended). Or, of course, I'm just too old already (no need to search again, I'm 25).

Anyway - since I am not a smoker and the club I went to was starting to get foggy because of the cigarettes smoke, I went outside for a breath of fresh air. And I was going to find out that "outside" of the club is nothing but pure heaven: yes, I mean lots of chicks. Single, alone and ready to socialize. A pick-up place where everybody has a chance.

You only have to sit and wait. One of the girls out there should give you "the looks". Smile to her and if she smiles back, it's clear: Go for it! I did it and that's how I met my latest "prey", A. Everything started like a friendly chat outside and she said she was getting ready to leave since her friends went home. Of course, I took advantage of the moment and asked her to join me and my group. Luckily, she accepted. And, even though I did not manage to score her last night, we're meeting again today. So I lost nothing by trying (and not losing is always great)

Which means that Flirting Tip #2 is: Leave the club and search outside. You might find a few lonely and lovely birds out there looking for company. Go for it! You have absolutely nothing to lose!
Top image credits: woody

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Alex said...

In ce oras esti in vacanta?

e1d said...

Can you give me an advice on how to approach a girl who is totally strangers to me? hehe..

Mr. Fast said...

@e1d: Man, I am definitely not the best person in the world to give advice :) What I'm writing here is based on a short-term experience, which doesn't necessary make me an expert. But tell me about the girl: you're talking about approaching whatever girl you meet on the street or is it a girl from work/school/the mall?

@Alex: Nu vreau sa intru asa mult in detalii, inca. Sorry.