Jun 4, 2008

And the plan is...

Really now, planning is a difficult thing to do, especially when you’re at work. Horrible. Anyway, here’s my emo-ish situation:

  • I have 360 days to score 100 chicks. This means that by Saturday I must have a first “victim”. The con’s: I am shy. I haven’t been on a date for roughly 5 ½ years now. I am shy. I spend 8 hours per day at work. And, yeah, I am shy.
  • I’m shy.
  • My job. This is the biggest deal breaker. Of course, when I started this bet, I did not take it into account. There are only six female employees working there and it wouldn’t be the smartest thing in the world to screw one of them then dumping her. Pro's: I could fraternize with them, gain their trust and somehow make them ask me out with their group. They might have other single female friends and that could become my chance to keep everybody happy. Especially myself.
  • I’m shy.
  • I have absolutely no help. Even worse, the only two persons who know about my quest are a) still laughing at me (my friend, D.); b) completely against it and consider this whole deal the utmost idiocy (a girl I chat with).
  • I’m shy.

So, things are not looking great. I have already failed twice in two days. One girl invited me to a date to never show up and completely disappear, the other was a missed hit from the start. And I don’t have anybody to support me. Which means that’s the first thing I have to get: support. I hope I’ll be able to do it via this blog. Real life would kind of be against the rules of the bet.

Second, I need to set my areas straight and maximize my flirt chances. Eight hours per day are spent at the office so most of my day is dead time. However, I will be very friendly with the six ladies and hopefully they will give me access to some of their friend. It’s a long shot, though and very unlikely, but it is much more than what I have now.

Then, there is the trip to work and back home. This is again very unlikely to give me the chance of scoring. You need big balls in order to pickup a girl on the street and I don’t have them. However, I can still look for potential targets. Maybe I manage to find a few girls that share the same route as me. Maybe I can find some common things with others – one may never know. Still, this is, again, a long shot. And I need something like… right now!

I have the evenings. But usually I get home really tired from work and until I eat and take a shower it is already a bit too late. And this is the biggest problem. I can’t go to clubs during the week and that’s a big loss. I will try to go to the pub as often as possible, though. It is close and girls are always present. Starting tomorrow I’ll become a pub regular.

And, finally, there are the weekends. I will have to spend each and every night in clubs and it is a must to get at least one girl per night. If I get good enough with this whole flirting thing, I might as well get two girls per night. And, boy, that would be great (both for me, my ego and my sexual life, but for the bet, too)! I will also spend the mornings “searching” the parks. If there is a girl sitting on a bench, in a park, Saturday or Sunday morning, she definitely has nobody to share her bed with. And she will gladly accept me – her savior, her prince on a white horse. That should work!

And this would be my plan. The very short version of it, of course – I still have a few secrets… secret, you know? I spent all day thinking about that. It became an obsession and every day without scoring makes it even harder. Oh, well… I am 100% sure it will be OK, in the end. I will win. I have to.

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