Jun 29, 2008

Must Reads #1

It was a busy week. All the bad things are now forgotten and I only have the good things to count: a mini-vacation which was close to becoming a total failure turned “gave” me three new names to write on my list (which means that, since I started, no less than six girls found the pleasure together with Mr Fast). Which is great – something I was not expecting when I first started. Actually, I was not expecting for My Girl Quest to have any success at all. But it seems that I was wrong – flirting and dating are like riding a bicycle – you can never forget that.

So, without further ado, here are the must reads for those who have not visited my blog lately:

First, about the girls: I had an easy pray to start with, then I began my vacation by visiting a neighbor’s dark room, I continued with a Marilyn Monroe wannabe and ended a mad vacation with the two-faced girl (chronologically, you can read the entire story here, here and here)

During this time, my greatness managed to find no less than two flirting tips (the “brutally honest” approach and the club-related one). If these things don’t work, vote for my new gadget project: the flirting gadget. Or just forget about the whole thing and enjoy the sexiest Euro 2008 girls, as a bonus! Let's hope the next week will be as great as this past one. I'm going back to work though, so I doubt it...

Image credits: Anne Belov

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