Jun 15, 2008

Flirting tip #1

I keep testing stuff and try to find out if there might be an “easy-way-to-do-it” type of thing when it comes to flirting. I know that, usually, online dating and real life dating have absolutely

nothing in common, but I can only try stuff only atm since I’m way too shy for real life experiments.

So today I tried the “brutally honest” technique: after 30 or so minutes of talking to a girl I met on a friend-finder website, I told her that I actually wanted to meet her in person. Probably she already started to like me a bit, since she didn’t instantly ignore me, but instead tried to change the topic. I insisted, whatsoever, by saying that I find her super sexy and, I quote, she’s “the true definition for a woman” (LOL-time). Obviously, it did not work.

So, flirting tip #1: A “Brutally honest” approach does not work in the online dating world. At least not 30 minutes after meeting a person. If you do it 3 months after meeting the person it does not count. You’re a pussy in that case. One bigger than me.


Image credits: listmania43.blogspot.com

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Heidrun Peters said...

At least you got me curious to see where all this will lead to. Will follow your quest! Strange world to me. I am 62 and have been married for 32 years. Before you judge me by this I must add that I have thoroughly enjoyed my Flower Power Days back in the sixties and seventies. My sons are 25 and 29 ... Maybe they are going through some similar adventures. At leat the younger one...?

Mr. Fast said...

I am not one to judge people and even if I were, I have absolutely no reason to judge you! I actually respect you for being able to stay with the same person for so long and I honestly am envious on that - it was something I was hoping for when I met my ex, 5 years ago.

But things change and I hope to regain my trust back. And every person supporting me is something which helps me go on. So thank you very much for the psychical support!

Eric S. said...

"Easy way to flirt", the only one I found was to get in a relationship, then the girls will talk to you all the time, I think because they know you can't do anything. LOL, I have been married for 17 years, and it never fails, go to the store and they flirt with you all the time. Why couldn't that have happened back when I was single?

Mr. Fast said...

Yeah, well... you know how it's like: it only seems to happen once you don't need that anymore :)