Jun 14, 2008

The great pretender

I’m a sucker for evergreens, even though I completely dig today’s music. But I have the feeling that it has to be an oldie if you want a quality love song. Still, this video is far from being what one would consider a “love song”, but I needed an introduction to the post, you know?

The thing is that right now this is exactly what I am (no, not a song, Watson!): I am the great pretender. Whenever I see a girl, I instantly think “My Girl Quest” and start to create imaginary scenarios of how things will be after I say “Hi”. The problem is that I always get carried away by this scenario-building thing that the “Hi!” part happens too late – usually when the girl is already gone from my life, forever.

But I keep pretending. I keep lying I’m a flirt, I’m a good date, I’m a guy who had and still has all the girls in the world… I keep pretending and the girls seem to have a radar for that. Otherwise, I can’t understand why My Girl Quest ain’t going as planned.

The problem is that things don’t look too well atm and that can only mean one out of two things: I’m either a bad “pretender” or I have a completely wrong target.

I have always opted for the girls with brains (as every sane male probably does), I have always preferred those who can say a phrase without speaking about make-up or mascara, I have always loved a girl with the sense of humor. But these girls are smart and they seem to sniff at me one second and say: oh, you’re just a pretender! And I waste my time. And this is something that turns my quest into a impossible one – 2 girls in 2 weeks is awfully underachieving!

So, starting today, I will go for the silly/naive type of girls. At least for them I can be the great pretender.

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