Jun 8, 2008

Waiting for progress

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away… Neee, I’m just bragging with my musical knowledge. Heh. Last night was strange. Just strange and nothing more. And I have to credit the five beers I drank for that.

I got no chick last night. I saw quite a few lovely ladies, I would’ve loved to take all of them home, but I was (once again) just too stupid. I am not at all good at these sorts of things. I totally suck when it comes to women and there seems to be no fast cure for me. Maybe that previous plan of mine might help, but I totally doubt it. However, I am sure that my salvation will come. I’m a lucky person, you know?

The truth is that C. called me while I was at the club. She probably thought I was just being an a*shole the other day, so she allowed me to re-think the whole situation. It’s just an unfortunate timing, I could say: she wants a relationship; I want revenge on all females. Otherwise, I would’ve given it a shot… But since the situation is different, I have to keep searching.

No… allow me to rectify the whole thing: I have to insist, flirt non stop, and DO something. Searching is for losers. I need action. Yet… last night I did nothing. I just looked. Scanned. Searched! Saw the girls, did nothing, lost them forever. I will never see them again, I will never know if I could’ve been in a foreigner’s bed now, checking my second successful date on the list. Oh, well… at least I got completely drunk (I get drunk quite fast, unfortunately) and forgot about the mss I find myself into...

And now, I will go for a short walk. At least 20 minutes I will randomly walk on the streets, looking for single girl and I will hopefully be able to tell them “You’re beautiful”. Just like that!

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