Jun 14, 2008

Must Reads

Even though I was not expecting it, I have received quite a few e-mails during the previous days from different people who proved to care about My Girl Quest. I was surprised and honored at the same time – it is always good to have somebody to support you, to care for you and to tap you on the back when you have to burp.

However, I have noticed that most of the people have no idea what My Girl Quest is, after all. And I totally understand that: nobody reads tens of posts just to find out what’s happening in one fella’s head :) Anyway, I have decided to create a must reads post and I will update it weekly with the most important… reads!

First of all, there are the details on My Girl Quest: the rules and the updates on the rules.

Then, we should all look back and laugh at my first failure (it does not hurt anymore :P)

A bit of rambling, trying to convince everybody that I’m not a stupid animal.

The first chick I scored (kind of).

My second so-called date (a total failure but a good laugh)

And, finally, the first blog entry below this one: The second girl I scored!

Also a good read if you want to know what to eat for gastritis

Image credits: Anne Belov

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