May 31, 2008

Nothing now

So, here it is! A beautiful and hot Saturday afternoon, the moment a new stage in my life begins. It is exactly like in the bad movies: everything started with a stupid bet. A bet with myself, my best friend and, just to add a bit drama to the whole thing: to the entire human kind. Of course, I’m exaggerating.

First of all, before posting the entire deal, I must sum up the golden rules and my expectations. As strange as they might sound, they’re true. This whole thing is true. I just don’t know if it will last.

1. None of my friends were told I have created this blog – Mr. Fast was the first random name that crossed my fingers, and that’s who I’ll be starting… ahem… now.

2. I really doubt anybody will actually read this blog, even though, in my opinion, it could be really interesting. I’m not going to have an ad campaign, though, so I’ll probably stay in the shadows. Which is completely OK with me.

3. My native language is not English. Sorry if some things will sound rather stupid. I’m doing my best, but the main objective of this blog is to keep track of everything. You’ll see if you ever cross by – it is quite interesting.

4. The ten-day survey plans to see if I risk being spotted by anybody. I’d love to. And, if any of the people who know about this entire bet with myself thing (which will be detailed in a next post), I beg you to keep your mouth shut. I prefer to be referred as Mr. Fast here and [RealName] IRL.

So… these being said, let’s hope I’ll be able to make it. Good luck to me! 365 days (approximately) left.

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Alexis said...

"so I’ll probably stay in the shadows"
By writing in English? By using Entrecard? :))

Mr. Fast said...

That was the first post and yes, back then I wanted to stay in the shadows - which should be translated as "away from my friend's eyes". That's why I'm keeping this "diary" in English and not my native language.

Still... things changed a bit. I want My Girl Quest to be known by as many people as possible and I have 2 reasons for that: 1. Tips and help are always welcome; 2. I truly hope that in 6-7 months this will be a real "flirtopedia" or something like that - and the more people know about it, the better :)

Alexis said...

"...away from my friend's eyes". That's why I'm keeping this "diary" in English and not my native language."
Prietenii tai nu stiu engleza? :P

Mr. Fast said...

Well... it seems they do. And it also seems I was right when I said that I got the feeling that somebody's watching me :) Now I am wondering, even more... who are you? :)

And, honestly now: even though you will probably not tell me who you are (if you know who I am :P) I beg you not to tell everybody about my quest. ;)

Alexis said...

Relax, I really don't know who you are. I just figured we are in the same country, that's all (we might be in different cities ;) So you don't have to worry about me telling anyone. Oh, and it's not the case of being spotted or not since I am not(nor I ever was) "watching" you. Ti-am scris in romana mai mult ca sa vad cum sa ma asigur ca aveam dreptate in legatura cu tara din care esti :)