Jun 30, 2008

The funny faker

Don’t you just hate these guys who have “fake” written all over their body? What about those who keep injecting steroids and love to compliment one another: “Uh, dude! You gotz a fit azz!”, while talking like a mini - Arnold? Well… I know I can’t really stand them.

And today I witnessed how one of these cyborg-dudes was silenced by a skinny girl (she was a quarter of his size). I laughed like a mad man and instantly knew I had to share.

So… I was drinking a hot frappe coffee during my lunch break, admiring the girls and their adorable summer clothing (I had no intentions of flirting yet, though – last week was enough for me, for the moment, of course). Anyway… just a few tables away was this guy: huge (as in muscle-huge), bald and, I must admit, a quite scary fellow. He was sipping some natural juice from a bottle and probably had his hormones skating and felt the need to get a girl.

A short, very skinny girl was passing by his table when he decided to be a “male”: he reached out his had, like a barrier and stopped her by saying something smart like “Hey, babe!”. Even though I would’ve probably pissed my pants in such a moment, the girl had a great, priceless reaction any date fanatic would’ve applauded. She said “They should photograph you and show the pic to the kids and say ‘Don’t do steroids!’”know how to flirt! (and I’m one of them :D) Thank God I’m not pumping my biceps’ too!

Image credits: Robert Kopecky

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Jun 29, 2008

Must Reads #1

It was a busy week. All the bad things are now forgotten and I only have the good things to count: a mini-vacation which was close to becoming a total failure turned “gave” me three new names to write on my list (which means that, since I started, no less than six girls found the pleasure together with Mr Fast). Which is great – something I was not expecting when I first started. Actually, I was not expecting for My Girl Quest to have any success at all. But it seems that I was wrong – flirting and dating are like riding a bicycle – you can never forget that.

So, without further ado, here are the must reads for those who have not visited my blog lately:

First, about the girls: I had an easy pray to start with, then I began my vacation by visiting a neighbor’s dark room, I continued with a Marilyn Monroe wannabe and ended a mad vacation with the two-faced girl (chronologically, you can read the entire story here, here and here)

During this time, my greatness managed to find no less than two flirting tips (the “brutally honest” approach and the club-related one). If these things don’t work, vote for my new gadget project: the flirting gadget. Or just forget about the whole thing and enjoy the sexiest Euro 2008 girls, as a bonus! Let's hope the next week will be as great as this past one. I'm going back to work though, so I doubt it...

Image credits: Anne Belov

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Jun 28, 2008

The end of a love story… or something

As I said, I had some really mixed feelings for A. She was loveable and angelic but, as I was going to find out, she was far from being an angel. And I tend to believe that E. was right to feel mad on her (just to keep up with the captions, E. is the neighbor I did earlier this week and part of the reason why T and I don’t talk anymore)

Anyway… it was proved to me that A. was quite a devil. After the strange night we had, I woke up feeling pretty OK: I was still feeling bad following the punches received from the drunk guy, but all in all was OK. I wasn’t in the mood to flirt, though… but there was no reason to do that, after all: I already had the girl, A. and there are no rules against spending more than one night with the same chick, right? Especially if she does a great job at being a… female, you know? So I wanted to spend a few more hours with her, maybe do her one more time, then get my ass in the car and drive home and forget about that place. Again, God had other plans!

When I woke up she was already awake, naked, looking at her body in the mirror and putting on some make-up. Of course, I found the view really exciting (duuh!) and thought it was my lucky morning, but she told me to go take a shower and prepare to have some fun. She said we still had a lot to do. And this scared me a bit. “We”? “a lot to do”? What the hell? We barely knew each other, we had NOTHING to do except make up, kiss and say goodbye. But, since I’m not that alpha male I sometimes pretend to be… I said “OK” and went to take the shower.

I found out the plans: we had to go eat the breakfast out (we did), we had to leave the car in the parking lot and go for a walk to look at some clothes (we did, but I did not buy her anything – and she didn’t seem to be affected by that at the moment), we had to stop at a fancy pub and drink beer (?!? yes, she wanted that and we did it!), then walk a bit more because “that’s what people do”… and stuff like that. For at least four hours we did strange things, couple's things, something we shouldn’t have done. I was afraid she was going to take me meet her family soon!

Instead, she told me something like: “How much can one drink without getting to the hospital?” and basically invited me to another pub to find out the answer. Don’t get me wrong… I totally liked her attitude, but it was scary as hell what she was doing – it’s not something you do with strangers, right? Still… there was something pushing me from behind and I accepted her invite and went to “get wasted”.

I have no idea what pub was that or where was it compared to her apartment, but every single body there seemed to know my angelic A. And, even worse, she seemed to know everybody – but that was not something to make me think there was something fishy somewhere. I mean… people have friends, and I’m not the one to judge! So we kept drinking. And we kept doing it until we were pretty drunk. And we talked. A lot. And you know how people tell strange secrets from their past when they’re drunk? Well… the same did A.

She admitted to me that she was a kind of an escort in the past – she had no “manager”, she was on her own. No contracts, no direct payment, only “let’s flirt, let’s do it, buy me a present”. Something that is, unfortunately, a common thing in my country and many girls do that. A. was one of those – she admitted that (no, don't think prostitution, it's not exactly the same thing). But she also admitted that with me “it was different”. Back then, because I was drunk, I believed her and felt kind of honored. To have a tramp like you is a real achievement! To flirt with her, pick her up and do her no strings attached – it’s a huge achievement. So I was feeling like a real man back then and, naive, I believed her.

Eventually she told me to pay for the drinks and go home. She said had a little “treat” for me. But, before all that, she told me that she would love to have something from me… something to make keep me alive in her memories. And I was drunk and agreed to buy her a present. Big mistake. Because that was everything she wanted from me, actually (well… at least she offered something in exchange… but it is still not very encouraging and definitely not something to lose a friend for).

Anyway… to finish this post and the story (I realize that I am absolutely boring, but it’s the fault of the tiredness I have accumulated): when we were heading from the shop to her apartment for me to get that "treat", I was stopped by the police. I was pretty drunk and they almost suspended my driver’s license, but I managed to get away with that. At home we had some great, great fun and she kept saying me that I was different, that she was sure we could work it out and start a relationship.

I was going to leave the next day, though. And she was not going to cry. Now she has a nice gift. I just have another girl’s name to write on My Girl Quest's list. And a bunch of really nice pictures of her (sorry for all the blur, but that’s how it should be done, …)

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I’m still alive (part II)

And it’s not only that I’m still alive, but I am also home. Finally! And, for at least 24 hours, I don’t even want to think about dating, flirting, girls and my plan to have the fun in a teenager's way :D. I just want to jump into the bed (alone) and sleep and forget about everything that happened to me during this short mini-vacation. Of course, I shall tell you first as much of the story as I can (and it all seems to have happened years ago…)

So… after I was literary thrown out of the apartment, mad to the bone, I wanted to jump into the car and drive home, as any sane person would probably do. However, A. was pretty pissed off, too, and she invited me to have a drink: “I know a cheap bar with cheap booze to get us wasted. It’s close to my apartment”. Now… as mad as a male can be, he cannot ignore or refuse the innocent and subtle “let’s go f*** our brains out” from a beautiful girl. Basically, we had started something in T's apartment and we wanted to finish the "job" somehow. So I have accepted her invitation.

Bad decision!

Because that bar we went to, even though an indeed really cheap one, was filled with drunken people who got their testosterone level to skyrocket when they saw me and A. (uhm... basically, I'm sure that happened because they saw her, not me :D - she is indeed a really good looking girl – though, I am sure it didn’t matter too much for the guys in the bar). Of course, I noticed that instantly and so did she, but she still insisted we should at least drink something before leaving. And I accepted to stay there, since she made me understand that we were going to spend the night at her place. Oh, sacrifices...

However, the guys started to get really horny and pushy and I was already set to “fight mode” because of what happened earlier. Still, thanks to a lot of luck, a few well placed words from A and the begging of the bartender, I did not start a fight there and left (I am under no circumstances the “fighter” nor a guy who considers it “manly” to fight in bars or wherever… still, this time was different since I was really stressed).

But when we left, one of the guys from the bar followed us (I’m still thankful it was only one) and hit me when I was completely unaware of his presence. He was probably planning to abuse A. too, or God knows what, but he didn’t even get the chance to get close to her, because a couple of her neighbors were luckily outside and jumped in to help us. So I was, thankfully, the only victim. Yes, I'm still a wuss :D.

In the end, everything was pretty OK, though – A. took me to her apartment, took good care of me, treated my wounds and… since I was in such a pain, she took care of all the swellings on my body, if you know what I mean. And you should do, because I will definitely never forget that – such a pleasant combination between pure pleasure, the pain of the wounds and, eventually, the relief of losing all the stress I had accumulated until then. It was pure heaven! As soon as she finished pleasing me orally, I went immediately asleep, like a little baby (and probably she thought I was a complete moron but, hey! that’s life sometimes!)

And indeed a new life it was – the beginning of my new mini-vacation within the mini-vacation (or something strange like that). The new beginning, I could say. Because another interesting day followed. But I will try to tell what happened in a later post. Now I just want to rest a bit. It’s great to be home and feel the love. (I just said that "love" thing in the end because I think this picture below doesn't really fit the story :D)

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Jun 27, 2008

I'm still alive (fortunately)

The first thing I have to do is say sorry for this two days-long break, but strange things are bound to happen when you are not home – one of them being “no internet access, pal!”. And now, just to make you laugh, I’m kind of hiding in the bathroom with the laptop here, trying to make the best out of this entry in which I will not be able to narrate 10% of what happened during the past couple of days (probably). Everything was a complete madness, this I can tell you! And a big, huge mess!

I don’t even know what the most important thing that happened is and what should I talk about fist – I have managed to develop an at least strange “relationship” with A., I have managed to ruin my friendship with the friend I was living at, I became broke and homeless in this strange city and I was inches close of losing my driver’s license and making it even riskier to go back home. So… how can one narrate all these in one post, basically hiding in the bathroom? :D

Since this is My Girl Quest, though, I will consider the “screwing A.” chapter of the past couple of days the most important, so I’ll quickly sum up the things that happened between us – it has been so much that I am sure I could write an entire book about it. Who knew dating is such a serious thing? Heh.

So, as I was predicting in my previous entry, I did meet with A. two days ago and that was basically the thing that turned my peaceful short vacation into a terrible mess. Not necessary because of her – she is a wonderful person, even though I can say she’s a bit too naive and maybe too inexperienced when it comes to living (well… she is only 19 and not even I can consider myself a guy who knows stuff about life :D). Anyway… she is pretty sweet and childish and there is something about her that instantly makes you go crazy. Just lose it, just fall for her and never get up – something that would’ve been a disaster for me and My Girl Quest, since the whole point is to score as many chicks as possible, right?

So… I was into a pretty awkward situation: out with a girl I just had to score in order to record progress in my mission, but on the other hand she was… loveable. That type of girl who seems like the best option for commitment. But I have the bad five years long experience and I won’t fall so quickly again. Especially when everything else is falling apart around me.

Because our first date (a sort-of romantic dinner, just the two of us, followed by a long walk – you know, the classic style) turned into a mess, as I kept saying. I, of course, invited her home (to my friend’s apartment, actually) and she accepted. The dude was out, clubbing with his friends and I was ready for a long night alone with A. God or whatever rules the universe had other plans, though.

After the successful date we started making out, everything was great – hell, even the music was right (something which rarely happens to me)! However, we got interrupted – it was the worst possible moment, while we were making love. If you don’t know how much that sucks, you can count yourself really lucky. Anyway, I heard my friend, T., entering his apartment and since I considered him one of my best mates, I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and went straight to the entrance, willing to ask him for a spare hour or so, to finish the job I had started. But I was a bit shocked to see what I saw: he was cuddling with E. (his sexy neighbor I did just a few days ago). Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t care too much about her, but she was living in the apartment above and T. knew I was there with a girl, for God’s sake! And I had just screwed his date a few days before! It was a really, really strange situation and I did feel a bit offended and I kept wondering why would T. do something like that.

However, as it usually happens – a problem always comes together with another problem – things got even worse just minutes after, when A. came out of the room and E. started to scream like a mad woman. Apparently, the two girls knew one another and they were not friends: in the past, E. had stolen one of A.’s lovers. Yeah, something wicked like that. So A. started to act strange and say rude things to E, including the fact that she had once again stolen one of her lovers – me! And that was something that didn’t go well for T, my mate, who was basically the woman’s partner (at least for the night). So we were all standing there, the atmosphere was really tense, the girls kept throwing arrows to each other, T. was pretty mad, I was really confused and annoyed, as well… eventually my mate told me it would be better if I left and that we were going to talk in the morning. And he knew I had no place to sleep! He just threw me out of his house, together with A., who was pretty annoyed and paranoid, too. I wasn’t in a great shape, either and that wasn't one of the best moments in my life.

...But now I have to pause the whole thing, I’m spending too much time already here (I’m in the bathroom) and I can hear A. getting a bit anxious. So I should leave. I will try to log in later today and add some pictures to this pretty lengthy post and edit it properly. Then, without any promises regarding the timing, I will come and post the rest of the story. Because this is just the beginning.

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Jun 24, 2008

Flirting Tip #2

Basically, we could consider a part of my previous entry as the second flirting tip and this one here the third. But whenever beautiful girls are involved (and, luckily, they keep coming), counting is the last thing that really matters. Especially when you're dead tired after an almost perfect night out.

Last night was the first I actually managed to go to the club during this mini-vacation of mine and we all know that clubs are the best pick-up spots for willing guys like me. However, my flirting last night was a bit different from what one might expect (and, of course, completely unintended). Or, of course, I'm just too old already (no need to search again, I'm 25).

Anyway - since I am not a smoker and the club I went to was starting to get foggy because of the cigarettes smoke, I went outside for a breath of fresh air. And I was going to find out that "outside" of the club is nothing but pure heaven: yes, I mean lots of chicks. Single, alone and ready to socialize. A pick-up place where everybody has a chance.

You only have to sit and wait. One of the girls out there should give you "the looks". Smile to her and if she smiles back, it's clear: Go for it! I did it and that's how I met my latest "prey", A. Everything started like a friendly chat outside and she said she was getting ready to leave since her friends went home. Of course, I took advantage of the moment and asked her to join me and my group. Luckily, she accepted. And, even though I did not manage to score her last night, we're meeting again today. So I lost nothing by trying (and not losing is always great)

Which means that Flirting Tip #2 is: Leave the club and search outside. You might find a few lonely and lovely birds out there looking for company. Go for it! You have absolutely nothing to lose!
Top image credits: woody

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Jun 23, 2008

How to get the bar girl

It feels kind of funny (in a bad way, if you can imagine something like that) to write about flirting, dating and promiscuous girls after a post like my previous one. But life has to go on and, after all, that’s what My Girl Quest is about. Or is finally starting to become "something", because if you only read my first entries you probably said “pathetic loser, you will fail!” And, back then, I would’ve said you were right. But things change. Pretty quickly sometimes.

Because today I can say that I am starting to become a new person: I have already managed to get over M., I have already managed to score a few chicks and both my flirting techniques (or guts) as well as sexual life are starting to skyrocket. Because... yes! Last night I scored again! Two girls in two consecutive nights, baby! I love this (new) city and my vacation!

Just like in the cheap movies, I scored a waitress – that kind of girl who is ready to believe you if you tell her she’ll become a famous movie star or supermodel, and she will immediately kneel in front of you to say “Thanks” while unzipping... Yes, I mean this girl was pretty stupid, too. The most do-able type of girl on the planet.

L. is her name and she was, once again, a really easy prey: and since it happened again, I honestly started to wonder if this is how this part of life is today. I’m talking about this “personal life” part of the life – about dating, flirting, about the whole sexual part of human kind. Is it that easy as it was for me these couple of weeks? You just have to ask for it and the girls say “OK”? No more flowers, romantic dates and long walks hand in hand, no more hour-long phone calls and so on? It seems that’s the way things are today and I’m starting to regret I lost all these during my past five years...

Anyway… back to L – as I said, she was an easy one (or I’m just a really lucky fellow). I went together with my friend (T.) and a few of his pals to a pub to have a few drinks before heading to the club, ready for a long night of mindless fun and lots of flirting. But it happened that I met L.

She’s that type of young wannabe which, like I said, hopes to become a famous movie star or singer or something like that and so she works in a fancy pub hoping for an agent to come and “discover” her. Meanwhile, she will probably offer free blowjobs to every guy who says he’s a photographer and can make her famous.

I had another technique to start with: the “dumb, oops, I didn’t know you can hear me” technique. Or the “safe” flirting option – you can call it as you wish. The point is that I told one of the guys at the table that I thought she looked like Angelina Jolie. Of course, she was near and she heard. Of course, that was the whole idea (and no, she had nothing in common with Angelina, except for the fact that she was a brunette :D). However, L. bought it. She instantly turned into honey: she was only looking at me whenever she came to our table (and she did come a lot more often than she should), we kept making eye-contact and eventually we started to “accidentally” touch one another’s hands. Which means that it was obvious. She wanted IT.

When I asked for her number, she brought it, just like a tramp, written on a paper towel from the bar (luckily, it was not written with lipstick). Only a few minutes after she brought it, I called her (and I really consider I did a nice thing) and said I was a secret admirer and we had to meet and go out for a date. Fortunately, she understood it was me and even considered it funny, so she accepted. Yes, I know. She just wanted IT.

Fast forward now: we talked and she was going to end her shift soon. I directly asked her “my place or your place?” (well, not that direct, but it's "fast forward" now, mmmkay?) and she said she lives with her mother. We went straight to T’s house and I lied her a bit – I told her I was a good friend of a few important journalists in my country and that I can help her appear on the cover of a magazine. She bought it again and, in exchange, she showed me she had the best skills in the world. Honestly – what the girl did to me was something adult movie stars could’ve learned a lot from. Unfortunately, that is about everything she knows to do. However, since I’m definitely not the first, nor the last person who took advantage of her, I do not feel too guilty. I’m not a beast. I’m just a flirt machine that’s finally starting to work as it should.

Note: No, this beautiful blond chick is not the girl I scored.

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Jun 22, 2008

Support for the Philippines

Shocked, I just found out that a true natural disaster just happened in the Philippines this morning. And since I know that many of my readers are from that region, I had to say something, a few words to encourage them and wish them all the best. I truly hope that all the damage was done (lots of lives were lost) and nothing like that will happen in the future.

Because the news was pretty bad: many of the 700 passengers of a ferry died when their ferry was sunk by the Fengshen Typhoon and many other are missing from the Sibuyan region. This is really, really bad news and I truly hope that the entire world will support as they should the nation, the victims and everybody who is still affected by the typhoon.

Stay strong, Philippines! We’re all supporting you!

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Lotta love for the woman above me

Just as I was expecting, this little holiday of mine already proved to be a lifesaver for My Girl Quest! It’s all different when you are away in another city, without caring that your friends might find you, without caring if a girl you use one night will tell her friends and slowly you will become a persona non grata. All you have to do in another city is – party, party, party! And that’s exactly what I plan to do – and have absolutely great results. I’m quite a stud, you know? (Yeah, I kept heard that if you keep repeating stuff to your silly little brain, you will start to believe that :D)

So… I have arrived yesterday here, in this new city where I’m going to live in a friend’s apartment for a few days. A little so-called vacation which was mostly meant to be a battery-recharge for me, but will hopefully turn into a real orgy with tens of girls and wine and pointless sex.

Anyway… back to the topic. As I was saying, when I met with my friend yesterday night, since I was pretty tired following the 8 hour-long road trip, I told him I’d rather spend the first night at home than going to a club – I just wasn’t in a mood for it. And God knows club girls feel everything and a bad mood would’ve been a definite No-No!

My friend agreed, but insisted that we should do at least some socializing, so he called a few friends to his apartment so we can play cards, drink a beer or two and talk – you know, old man’s style of fun.

But it turned out it was not that old school (or this is just how it always happens with me – I get all the fun when I am least expecting it) since my friend has the sexiest neighbor in the world. I mean – forget the sexy Euro 2008 chicks, this girl was the real deal! And she was right there, near me, not in Austria or Switzerland. And, of course, it's pointless to say: single and willing!

We started our “affair” just how high-school couples begin theirs – my friend, who knew some things about my desire to flirt, pick up and screw as many girls as possible, kept joking that me and her should be together, that she should kiss me since I haven't been with a woman since my gf left me (oh... if any of them knew the truth!) and so on. One bottle later, we were confy cuddling on the couch, completely ignoring the card-playing dudes. And, just a bit more later, we were in the room upstairs and I was screwing her brains out!

This means that I have four girls on my list. Much, much better than what I was expecting when I first started My Girl Quest and I was a complete wuss (well… I still am, but I’m in another city and I just know I will keep scoring. So please, pray for me :D)

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Jun 20, 2008

Things people should build: flirting gadget

I was starting to get really, really bored today (you know, the same “doing nothing” from me, since I am dead tired - this week I was exhausted because of the parties) so I started to think at some strange, silly things people should’ve invented in order to make MY life and my quest a lot easier. And I found the perfect one: the flirting gadget!

It should be something like those fake testosterone sprays or perfumes (without being fake, obviously): only by pressing a button, you would turn into Superflirt Man or something crazy like that and all the girls around would fall for you (or at least one easy to score, you know?)

And yes, I am aware that something like a flirting device would not only be completely impossible to make, but also stupid and pointless. But it just crossed my mind (earlier, I must admit, and it seemed a bit more fun back then) and I thought I should share, since there are absolutely no real girl-adventures for me to share, unfortunately.

P.S. Yes, I know that there is already a flirting gadget invented and it’s called the Internet (or online dating). But I’m talking about the real deal here, understood? :P


In other words, tomorrow morning I am going on a short vacation to a friend of mine, as I was planning. Hopefully the change of cities will give me a fresh new start in My Girl Quest. I’ll keep you updated (even though it is a high possibility tomorrow I won’t post).

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Jun 19, 2008

Bad week, after all

It’s been a really bad week for me. M. returned to mess a bit with my life, I was not able to score at least one chick and, even worse, I did almost nothing to heighten my chances - no flirting, no meeting of new girls, no nothing. Just failure, failure, failure. And hoping to get the best out of weekends and doing nothing else during the week is definitely a bad thing to do: I need at least two girls per week and it’s very likely I will not get them during the weekend.

I need to make new friends, somehow. I need to keep going out, I need to experiment and explore. Because soon my circle of friends will have no girls to offer to me. :D The virgin to be sacrificed on the altar. LOL.

I’m taking a week off from work next week since I am getting very tired. I think I should get out of town. Go visit a friend or something. Improve my chances of meeting new girls, flirting with them and convincing them I deserve their love. Because surfing for girls or playing sim date games is not going to help me. So, unless I want to become a new Onan, I have to get my ass up this chair!

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Jun 18, 2008

The sexiest Euro 2008 girls

Following my bad experience with M, I felt like "surfing for girls". And, as you might know, the UEFA Euro 2008 is a place where the best football (soccer) teams meet on court. But have you ever wondered what happens off court? Well... with just a few clicks, I did! :D In the stands, where the fans are hoping for the best for their team? Well, let me assure you that there is the best for a man to watch. And, as a proof, I have selected a list of “best-of” girls from Euro 2008. Enjoy!

Note: I don’t really like posting “image-only” entries, but this time I’ll HAVE to make an exception. Just look at the chicks! (Oh, and also, I must admit that it took like forever to arrange them in the page. Click on the thumbs to enlarge and better use the “open in new tab/window option”)

First, the most beautiful Croatian, Austrian and Italian girls:

Now, some Czech, Greek and Holland angels:

German, French and Spanish super-fans:

Russian, Romanian and Polish cuties:

Turkish, Swedish and Swiss best looking girl fans:

And a little Portuguese cherry:

Which of these gorgeous soccer girls looks best suited for you? Feel free to tell me. Hopefully it will be of some inspiration to me and I'll be able to get over M. with more ease (to be honest, I never though about her for a second, but I'm just saying...)

If you enjoyed these sexy girls, visit my second entry featuring sexy Euro 2008 girls (click on the orange link!)
Image from: Eurogirls

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Dealing with your ex

If I were the paranoid type of person (please notice the sarcasm!), I could’ve said that I have been asking for it, with all my “somebody’s watching me” nonsense. But I was partially correct – even though it seems that nobody was watching my blog (from the people that should not do it, of course!), my worst fear was just around the corner. The beast that ate my life and threw it in the garbage dump. The reason for My Girl Quest, in the first place. My ex. M.

Today she said she just had to meet me, that it was a must, that there was no other way to do it. She said it was a very urgent thing and she really, really needed my help – she was in trouble. And, even though I feel like puking whenever I think of her; even though it hurts me to tears to remember any of the moments I had spent with her; even though I promised to myself that M. is dead and she will never ever get a chance to sneak into my life… I was a bit worried. She needed help, as she said and it seemed like I was the only person able to help her.

I am so stupid sometimes!

We agreed to meet at 5. This meant that I had to ask my boss to let me leave earlier today (and I will probably have to compensate for this somehow tomorrow). Anyway… I left earlier and went straight home. Back then, I didn’t find it funny she wanted to meet at my place, not in a pub or something...

So she came to the door, more beautiful than ever, smelling like a new life, looking like paradise, breathing heaven. And I was probably looking like the most stupid thing on earth there, in front of the door, drooling and starting to remember the good.

That’s always the problem in such cases – when you meet a person you truly loved after so much time (yes, I do consider 6 months SO much time), you tend to forget the unbearable pain she has provoked. You tend to act stupid. You are defenseless and she usually knows it. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have come looking like she did, smelling like she did, and having so big “problems”.

I am so stupid sometimes!

Without even saying “Hello”, she jumped into my arms and kissed me. I don’t have words for the feeling I had when I felt her lips, when I touched her skin, when I started to remember HER. She told me that she did think about the whole thing and that she realized she had mistaken to dump me for another dude. She told me that she truly loved me and she realized that while being alone for the past two weeks, after that guy dumped her.

Let me repeat that: She said that she realized how much she loved me AFTER the guy she dumped me for, dumped her. After she became single. All alone. And she needed a milking cow. You get it?

And I am not that stupid!

The first thing I felt like doing was to hit her. To hit her hard and tell her to f*** off. But I have never hit a woman and she definitely did not worth being a first for me. Then I thought I should just play the game a little and take her to my bed, take advantage of her then write her name in My Girl Quest’s list then shew her. But I did not do it. Instead, I told her that I no longer feel anything for her. I showed her the pictures I took with C. and that M. (the one from the party, obviously). I showed her I can have a life without her. That I can still have sex after she’s gone. That I am a man.

She insisted. I denied. She tried to kiss me again, I had the strength to refuse. I invited her to leave. I invited her to go and never turn back. I wished her good luck and asked her to wish me the same, since I had bigger plans for my life. She said nothing.

Was I stupid? Was I stupid I said no to her? Oh, God, please tell me I did the right thing!


Top image credits: www.wigen.net

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Jun 17, 2008

Paranoid flirting freak

There are a ton of things to say about my life / feelings / girl quest / everything today, that I don’t even know what to start with. One thing is sure: I’m slowly turning into a paranoid and I have absolutely no reason to be like that – like there’s any good moment to turn into a paranoid!

First things first: Yesterday’s party was a complete mess. A total fluke. The biggest miss ever. You get the idea. First of all because, as you can imagine, I got no date out of it. There were quite a few M-type of girls, but none seemed to be the type ready to go all the way to my bed. There was this particular chick – the self-confident type, the one that will make her first million by shaking her ass and the rest of five by marrying an old fart who’ll die a couple of weeks later… so, as I was saying, there was this particular chick I completely wanted to get. Just to do her and dump her. Date her and leave her. Make her understand that the entire universe does not revolve around her. I failed and it seems that she managed, without even trying, to show me that the world actually revolves around her. I am so pathetic sometimes… and that was just the beginning!

Because M. showed up and acted like we never met before (which was OK with me, up to a point). That point was when she had already danced with everybody in the room except for me (you know – the mating call). It sucks to be left behind. It sucks to go somewhere where one thing is clear: you’ll score, but you do not manage to do it. Damn, I think that every guy actually managed to score twice and I lost all the time with that full of herself chick. If I can’t manage to flirt properly with these ONS-ready chicks, I’m doomed!


Of course, this party I went to last night had the anticipated result: an uber-tiredness and absolutely no mood for working or flirting (had I got the chance). I was so dizzy and wasted that if the most beautiful girl in the world came to the room and asked “Who’s single,” I would’ve pointed at my colleague, just to be sure she leaves me alone. And it’s even worse that tonight will only get me even more tired. And not because of some marathons in bed (at least not with a girl, which is even more sad!)


I have been spotted. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later – and it happened sooner. Heh. However, it seems that it’s not actually any “spotting” involved – it’s just a coincidence. But it was something that scared the hell out of me – there are some people who would completely ruin my chances of achieving the goal I have in mind (yes, the one nobody knows about – to score 100 girls in one year). Because no girl would give you a piece of some sweet loving if she knew you were only doing it for the numbers…

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Jun 16, 2008

Hopes for another easy prey

I just got a phone call from the guy who hosted Saturday’s party (when I scored M.) and he invited me for another one at his place. I truly hope I’ll be able to get another girl today – this friend of mine always tends to bring ONS-ready type of girls. I just wonder if M. will come again – and how is she going to react when she sees me. Women are really strange, you know? Anything is possible. Unfortunately, if “that” thing happens again with M, it is not counted. The question is – do I want to do her again?

As a side note, today I did absolutely nothing for My Girl Quest. Unless playing all the browser based sim dating games counts, heh. I know it doesn't but once again, one thing is certain - they can get really frustrating at some points. But life’s boring anyway. And tomorrow will probably be a hard day for me, too: no matter if I score tonight or not, I will probably be dead tired. Oh, well…

PS: Just wondering… how secure is this blog from the people I know? I did a few “mistakes” and my origins can be found but… is the other way also true? I got the weird feeling that somebody’s watching me, like in the Rockwell song :D

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Elf Girls

I had so much old school fun! You know, that kind of fun you have while at the office, doing anything BUT working. :) Of course, I found my fun-source by mistake, but I am completely satisfied.

I started to forgot this type of sim-games (they have a strange term like eroge or beshido-whatever, but I’m too lazy to search for it). It’s that type of game where you are a boy and have 100 days to score a chick. You know, something that’s really like My Girl Quest. And, damn! They’re hard to score (unlike real life).

Anyway, if you want to have some great fun in the company of a free web based flash game, go ahead and google “elf girls sim date” or “sim date games” and you’ll find a ton. A great way to keep you entertained, a good way to understand why dating in my world is a bit difficult than it is in the movies. Good luck!

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Jun 15, 2008

Flirting tip #1

I keep testing stuff and try to find out if there might be an “easy-way-to-do-it” type of thing when it comes to flirting. I know that, usually, online dating and real life dating have absolutely

nothing in common, but I can only try stuff only atm since I’m way too shy for real life experiments.

So today I tried the “brutally honest” technique: after 30 or so minutes of talking to a girl I met on a friend-finder website, I told her that I actually wanted to meet her in person. Probably she already started to like me a bit, since she didn’t instantly ignore me, but instead tried to change the topic. I insisted, whatsoever, by saying that I find her super sexy and, I quote, she’s “the true definition for a woman” (LOL-time). Obviously, it did not work.

So, flirting tip #1: A “Brutally honest” approach does not work in the online dating world. At least not 30 minutes after meeting a person. If you do it 3 months after meeting the person it does not count. You’re a pussy in that case. One bigger than me.


Image credits: listmania43.blogspot.com

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Easy Girl

The third name was written on my list, proving me once again that I might just succeed with My Girl Quest. However, as strange as this might sound, I am not at all excited by my latest date/flirt/whatever success. And that is exactly the reason I didn’t even bothered to write last night, after scoring – some girls, like this one, are just too easy!

You know, there is a type of girl who has “TRAMP” stamped on her forehead, and M., the latest on my list, was one of them (And just as a funny side note, her name could be translated in English as Emmanuelle – which is also the name of one of the best known erotic movie character of all times! Strange coincidence, huh?)

So, as I was saying… I met M. at this home-party I went to last night. She was clearly there just to get IT. Actually, she had dressed in such a way that it seemed like her only goal in life is to getting IT: her two big brains were screaming for air from under an ultra tight latex-like red dress and her dancing style was nothing but a mating call. Of course, I answered the call.

To be honest… she was plain stupid. Sorry if that sounds too harsh, but it is the truth: my date (or whatever you call an ONS girl) was stupid. The type of cliché blond girl appearing in B-rated comedy flicks – the one who seems to have traded her brains for boobs. And M. wasn’t even blond! Instead, she just wanted IT. She was the one who took the matter into her own hands (she did the same while in bed, if you allow me to share the secret :P) and subtly suggested we should go to my place, since she didn’t like the music (yes, the same music she kept shaking her booty on all night). So I took her home and scored. She’s the third name on my list. But not a success. Definitely.

My two cents on the story:

  1. I wonder if this type of girl, the "M. type of girl" gain anything out of their behavior. Basically, it was plain simple sex, no strings attached, no dinner at a fancy restaurant, no gold necklace, no three dates and a car. So I keep asking myself: what does a girl win in such a situation? Please, tell me if you know!
  2. Although she accepted to be photographed by me, she explicitly stated not to show the pics to anybody. So… sorry, no pics of her. I’ll try to be more persuasive in the future.

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Jun 14, 2008

The great pretender

I’m a sucker for evergreens, even though I completely dig today’s music. But I have the feeling that it has to be an oldie if you want a quality love song. Still, this video is far from being what one would consider a “love song”, but I needed an introduction to the post, you know?

The thing is that right now this is exactly what I am (no, not a song, Watson!): I am the great pretender. Whenever I see a girl, I instantly think “My Girl Quest” and start to create imaginary scenarios of how things will be after I say “Hi”. The problem is that I always get carried away by this scenario-building thing that the “Hi!” part happens too late – usually when the girl is already gone from my life, forever.

But I keep pretending. I keep lying I’m a flirt, I’m a good date, I’m a guy who had and still has all the girls in the world… I keep pretending and the girls seem to have a radar for that. Otherwise, I can’t understand why My Girl Quest ain’t going as planned.

The problem is that things don’t look too well atm and that can only mean one out of two things: I’m either a bad “pretender” or I have a completely wrong target.

I have always opted for the girls with brains (as every sane male probably does), I have always preferred those who can say a phrase without speaking about make-up or mascara, I have always loved a girl with the sense of humor. But these girls are smart and they seem to sniff at me one second and say: oh, you’re just a pretender! And I waste my time. And this is something that turns my quest into a impossible one – 2 girls in 2 weeks is awfully underachieving!

So, starting today, I will go for the silly/naive type of girls. At least for them I can be the great pretender.

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Must Reads

Even though I was not expecting it, I have received quite a few e-mails during the previous days from different people who proved to care about My Girl Quest. I was surprised and honored at the same time – it is always good to have somebody to support you, to care for you and to tap you on the back when you have to burp.

However, I have noticed that most of the people have no idea what My Girl Quest is, after all. And I totally understand that: nobody reads tens of posts just to find out what’s happening in one fella’s head :) Anyway, I have decided to create a must reads post and I will update it weekly with the most important… reads!

First of all, there are the details on My Girl Quest: the rules and the updates on the rules.

Then, we should all look back and laugh at my first failure (it does not hurt anymore :P)

A bit of rambling, trying to convince everybody that I’m not a stupid animal.

The first chick I scored (kind of).

My second so-called date (a total failure but a good laugh)

And, finally, the first blog entry below this one: The second girl I scored!

Also a good read if you want to know what to eat for gastritis

Image credits: Anne Belov

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Jun 12, 2008

How I scored G (update)

Scoring a chick you have worked for, the girl you have flirted with and whom you have convinced all alone that she should offer you some great time… boy, this is wonderful! I started to forget the feeling after my gibberish five years and I was honestly starting to lose hope I am still able to achieve something like that. But G. proved me wrong and she is a definite high for my personal life – both because of her looks and the morale boost she offered me (without knowing, unfortunately for her!)

We went for dinner in a pretty sweet restaurant – I ordered wine, she only wanted soda. So I started to believe that it was nothing but a simple date for her (for me, a girl who says “no” to alcohol is a girl that says “I’m not effing you today, baby!”) It seems that, once again, I was wrong.

The dinner went pretty well, I was nervous as hell and hadn’t it been for the wine, I wouldn’t had been able to say a single right word to her. But, thanks to the boost received from the alcohol, I managed to be quite funny. Still, I was pretty sure she wanted nothing more than a “get to know each other better” sort of date. God, I love I was wrong!

Since it was getting pretty late and both had to go to work early next morning, I was becoming quite anxious to leave (I knew she didn’t want to have sex with me, I had accepted that, I was ready to go home – easy!). However, I just couldn’t tell her that – instead, I asked her if she wants a coffee or something (in my mind, I was hoping she would understand that I’m suggesting it was kind of late). It seems that she understood: she said she wanted nothing more, that she had a great time but it was time we left.

I said I’ll drive her home and, while in the car, she told me another thing I kept thinking about all day today and still couldn’t figure out the reason for saying it. In other words, she said something like “I don’t like guys with a car like yours” (in my country, my car is considered a pretty expensive one). However, thanks to the wine I had drank, probably, I replied: “A car doesn’t make a guy. And even if it did, I’d still be different”. And this might have been the “click!” in her mind and soul, because 20-30 minutes later we were having fun like two teenagers.

And, even more, she asked for it! Because when we got to her block of flats, she asked me to go up and drink the coffee I didn’t have the chance to at the restaurant. Of course I was confused, of course I was kind of shocked and, even though my first intention was, strangely, to call it quits, I went to her room. And the rest is history.

But such a great history! Except from the oral pleasure I have received from C. a few days ago, I had a break of over 5 months until this great beautiful night. And five months for a guy my age is WAY TOO MUCH! That was one of the reasons my performance wasn’t one of the best and G will definitely not consider me one of her best “games”, but it doesn’t matter! I scored! My girl quest is finally turning in what it should: meet girl, flirt with her, date and boom-shack-a-lack! I’m happy!

PS: I have also managed to take a few pictures of her with my camera. However, I had a little chat with a friend of mine today and he told me that, unless I have the girl’s approval, I am not allowed to post her pictures on my blog. Which kind of sucks. However, this blurred out picture (she is unrecognizable in it) I think can stand. I’ll ask my friend tomorrow if it is OK :)

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Jun 11, 2008

Unbelievable update

I have no idea if anybody reads this but just guess who's computer is this. Yes, yes! It is G's and now she's taking a shower. I'm gonna get laid in a few minutes and I log in to post an entry in my blog. I am such a geek! But I score. Details tomorrow (if she doesn't drain the life out of me!)

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Instant messaging dating is possible, after all

Ideally, it would’ve been "instant dating", to tell you the truth, but at least it is some sort of dating. And I really have a treasure hidden here in my messenger list – it is something I should take advantage of. And I will!

Girl’s name is G. I talk to her every now and then, usually when she is feeling bored. I’m the guy who delivers the entertainment (yeah, in my native language I do tend to be funny!). Well… today was a bit different – today I flirted! And it seems that it works – I find it a lot easier to flirt online, apparently, than to do it face to face. Of course, it’s just the beginning. I’m going to become the master of flirting, in the end!

So… as I was saying, I talked almost all day with G (don’t tell my boss!), we were having a good time, she was reacting really well to my flirts, everything was great. And she started to send me pictures of her. Not super sexy, not too much, just little, normal, pictures. And I was careful to tell her she is beautiful. Every time. It worked. This is the most important thing in the world, I realize now: to keep repeating a girl or woman that she’s beautiful.

Therefore, tonight I have a date with a girl I met online a lifetime ago and I never thought about her in that way. So wish me luck! Because it is, officially, the first date I actually did something for. God, I hope everything will be OK and, at the same time… if it is OK, please, God, don’t turn me into an online dating perv. Heh.

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