Jun 7, 2008

You can’t delete your life

Deleting your past is impossible now and I doubt the future would change things too much. Also, changing your life is just too damn hard. And I really wanted to throw away all the pictures I had with M. But I just can’t delete them. I just can’t burn them. We’re talking about some great 5 years of my life. You can’t press Delete and “Wham!” five years are gone. You can’t delete your life like this…

Actually, I just did more harm than good trying to “sort the pics” and delete them. I saw her again. How beautiful she is… how nice she smelled, how soft her skin was… and how cruel her heart... I wanted to post a few pictures with her, but I found this one. This one right here suits the situation best: that’s what she is now. A shadow. Nothing more than a shadow. She doesn’t even deserve to be on my blog. She doesn’t deserve a picture here, in my new life!

Bye bye, M!

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