Jun 23, 2008

How to get the bar girl

It feels kind of funny (in a bad way, if you can imagine something like that) to write about flirting, dating and promiscuous girls after a post like my previous one. But life has to go on and, after all, that’s what My Girl Quest is about. Or is finally starting to become "something", because if you only read my first entries you probably said “pathetic loser, you will fail!” And, back then, I would’ve said you were right. But things change. Pretty quickly sometimes.

Because today I can say that I am starting to become a new person: I have already managed to get over M., I have already managed to score a few chicks and both my flirting techniques (or guts) as well as sexual life are starting to skyrocket. Because... yes! Last night I scored again! Two girls in two consecutive nights, baby! I love this (new) city and my vacation!

Just like in the cheap movies, I scored a waitress – that kind of girl who is ready to believe you if you tell her she’ll become a famous movie star or supermodel, and she will immediately kneel in front of you to say “Thanks” while unzipping... Yes, I mean this girl was pretty stupid, too. The most do-able type of girl on the planet.

L. is her name and she was, once again, a really easy prey: and since it happened again, I honestly started to wonder if this is how this part of life is today. I’m talking about this “personal life” part of the life – about dating, flirting, about the whole sexual part of human kind. Is it that easy as it was for me these couple of weeks? You just have to ask for it and the girls say “OK”? No more flowers, romantic dates and long walks hand in hand, no more hour-long phone calls and so on? It seems that’s the way things are today and I’m starting to regret I lost all these during my past five years...

Anyway… back to L – as I said, she was an easy one (or I’m just a really lucky fellow). I went together with my friend (T.) and a few of his pals to a pub to have a few drinks before heading to the club, ready for a long night of mindless fun and lots of flirting. But it happened that I met L.

She’s that type of young wannabe which, like I said, hopes to become a famous movie star or singer or something like that and so she works in a fancy pub hoping for an agent to come and “discover” her. Meanwhile, she will probably offer free blowjobs to every guy who says he’s a photographer and can make her famous.

I had another technique to start with: the “dumb, oops, I didn’t know you can hear me” technique. Or the “safe” flirting option – you can call it as you wish. The point is that I told one of the guys at the table that I thought she looked like Angelina Jolie. Of course, she was near and she heard. Of course, that was the whole idea (and no, she had nothing in common with Angelina, except for the fact that she was a brunette :D). However, L. bought it. She instantly turned into honey: she was only looking at me whenever she came to our table (and she did come a lot more often than she should), we kept making eye-contact and eventually we started to “accidentally” touch one another’s hands. Which means that it was obvious. She wanted IT.

When I asked for her number, she brought it, just like a tramp, written on a paper towel from the bar (luckily, it was not written with lipstick). Only a few minutes after she brought it, I called her (and I really consider I did a nice thing) and said I was a secret admirer and we had to meet and go out for a date. Fortunately, she understood it was me and even considered it funny, so she accepted. Yes, I know. She just wanted IT.

Fast forward now: we talked and she was going to end her shift soon. I directly asked her “my place or your place?” (well, not that direct, but it's "fast forward" now, mmmkay?) and she said she lives with her mother. We went straight to T’s house and I lied her a bit – I told her I was a good friend of a few important journalists in my country and that I can help her appear on the cover of a magazine. She bought it again and, in exchange, she showed me she had the best skills in the world. Honestly – what the girl did to me was something adult movie stars could’ve learned a lot from. Unfortunately, that is about everything she knows to do. However, since I’m definitely not the first, nor the last person who took advantage of her, I do not feel too guilty. I’m not a beast. I’m just a flirt machine that’s finally starting to work as it should.

Note: No, this beautiful blond chick is not the girl I scored.

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