Jun 22, 2008

Support for the Philippines

Shocked, I just found out that a true natural disaster just happened in the Philippines this morning. And since I know that many of my readers are from that region, I had to say something, a few words to encourage them and wish them all the best. I truly hope that all the damage was done (lots of lives were lost) and nothing like that will happen in the future.

Because the news was pretty bad: many of the 700 passengers of a ferry died when their ferry was sunk by the Fengshen Typhoon and many other are missing from the Sibuyan region. This is really, really bad news and I truly hope that the entire world will support as they should the nation, the victims and everybody who is still affected by the typhoon.

Stay strong, Philippines! We’re all supporting you!

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manilenya said...

Thank you for the support! Mabuhay ka!

Angela said...

As a filipina, I thank you for the support.

There are at least survivors so far, 28 out of 700.

We continue to pray for more survivors and for the people to stop finger pointing as it will not bring back lives but to do what they can to help the victims and most especially actions to avoid this kind of tragedy to happen again.

Craw said...

Thanks for your support.

A lot of the cities here in the Philippines are under water.

Mr. Fast said...

It's really sad to hear that. I really, really hope they will find more survivors and nothing similar to this will happen in the future.