Jun 3, 2008

About my girl quest

Instant messaging programs are great when you combine them with work *giggles* Usually, I keep chatting about all sorts of random things with my friends but now it was just a bit different.

I was a bit upset and deluded following my last evening’s failure, so I started a completely NSFW chat with one of my penpals. Or whatever you call a person you only talk with and which is from a far away country. A good online-friend, I might add, a person I know for at least 3 years now. Anyway, the idea is that I told her about my bet to score 100 girls in 365 days and she had a horrible reaction.

She said something like (I’m quoting from my memory): “I thought you were a better person, that you have a soul, unlike the other hunting males in the world, that you know dating is one thing and sex marathons are another”. She said I have no heart, that I will only become a huge pain in the girl’ hearts, a nightmare they'll pray to forget, that I will make them suffer just to feed my dying ego, just to prove myself the most stupid thing: that I am a male.

I don’t know if she is right. Of course, the way things are looking now, I’m not only a complete wuss who has no idea how to date, flirt, begin a relationship or just score to win his bet with life, but I am also the one who gets hurt, trashed and squashed by his victims. The complete idiocy, the supreme proof of “God has forgotten about me” syndrome. I’m the loser at the moment and it’s not a really great feeling, to be honest.

However, no matter if I fail or not, this is just a game! I will not ruin anybody’s life to keep my ego pumped! I am not going to make no girl cry for me, honestly, now! I’m the one who got effed up by the person who meant the world for. Please, allow me to live my life and don’t call me an egoistical creature! I’m the victim here, just so everybody knows!

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