Jun 9, 2008

Crazy girl. CRAZY

There are no words in any dictionary to describe how tired I am today. If “feeling dead” is possible, then definitely that’s the feeling I have. I can’t even think at the moment (and I was like that all day).

  • 3 cups of coffee, cold water on my face about 15 times, 6 visits outside for a breath of fresh air. All these had no effect. I am dead tired. Because of her, my latest “date”. My latest chick that should’ve been on the list.

Everything was bound to happen: I went to a club together with a few friends and I was continuously repeating to myself: “get a girl quick, do her, go to sleep”. As strange as it might sound, since I was that tired and knew I had to sleep or die, I turned into a dude with guts. Of course, just as in the bad movies, this greatness of mine ended after I went to a random chick and asked her for a dance. She said something like “F*** you, d***** *****” and other feminine things like that and completely amazed me (imagine!)

Still, it’s not this girl the crazy one. Heh.

The crazy chick only appeared a few beers after that. I was sitting at my group’s table – they were having fun, I was feeling like a loser (again) and there she came – slim, red headed, very drunk and all smiling. Apparently, she was a friend of a friend (honestly, I did not hear her name, so she will always be known in my life as the nameless hero. Or just Crazy Chick. Or I’ll just forget her in a few weeks – it doesn’t matter).

So, as I was saying, she sat right near me and said “God, it’s hot in here!” My first intention was to tell her “Then, strip!” but I realized that it would’ve been a 5th grader’s line. So, as the gentleman I am, I asked her outside (OK, I admit! I was feeling a little dizzy myself, too).

Once we got outside, she started jumping around like a mad person. I am still sure she was on crank or something, but she kept denying it. Anyway, she was jumping around there, I was starting to feel REALLY embarrassed (people were watching, you know?) but she didn’t care. Then, she told me to follow her and didn’t wait may response – she was already running down the street.

I have no idea what was in my head. I followed her (well… you know what was in my head: I was sure I’ll screw her in a dark alley or something). But, no, the chick was just crazy! So, after we ran about 10 minutes with no apparent goal, she stopped, turn around towards me and flashed me. Just like that. Then she came to me, took my hand and told me she wanted to go for a walk.

I was shocked, of course, and I was starting to feel like the victim of a prank. I wasn’t. She was just completely random (yet very conscious at ignoring my flirting - something natural to follow a "flashing session." right?). Instead, she just wanted to go for a walk, hand in hand. So we walked. Holding hands. With me trying to flirt, with her ignoring me.

Then, just like a maddened Forrest Gump or God knows what, she started to run again and I, like the stupid person I am, started to follow. And we finally got there! A dark alley where we were going to finally have sex. I so deserved that! But she had other plans in mind.

She turned around, again, flashed me (again!) then said “Thanks for taking me home!” And that was something she really meant – she just opened the door and entered the elevator. Just like that. Not even a phone number, not even a lousy hand-job! What’s even worse – I had absolutely no idea where I was!

So I was (am, and probably will always be) just a sucker. The girl did me so well that I am almost inclined to say I admire her. Of course, I could say that if it wouldn’t have been a completely random thing. However, I will talk with her friend (if indeed she was her friend) and hopefully I’ll find out more. But now… I’m just dead tired. So no chick for me today. Again.

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