Jun 30, 2008

The funny faker

Don’t you just hate these guys who have “fake” written all over their body? What about those who keep injecting steroids and love to compliment one another: “Uh, dude! You gotz a fit azz!”, while talking like a mini - Arnold? Well… I know I can’t really stand them.

And today I witnessed how one of these cyborg-dudes was silenced by a skinny girl (she was a quarter of his size). I laughed like a mad man and instantly knew I had to share.

So… I was drinking a hot frappe coffee during my lunch break, admiring the girls and their adorable summer clothing (I had no intentions of flirting yet, though – last week was enough for me, for the moment, of course). Anyway… just a few tables away was this guy: huge (as in muscle-huge), bald and, I must admit, a quite scary fellow. He was sipping some natural juice from a bottle and probably had his hormones skating and felt the need to get a girl.

A short, very skinny girl was passing by his table when he decided to be a “male”: he reached out his had, like a barrier and stopped her by saying something smart like “Hey, babe!”. Even though I would’ve probably pissed my pants in such a moment, the girl had a great, priceless reaction any date fanatic would’ve applauded. She said “They should photograph you and show the pic to the kids and say ‘Don’t do steroids!’”know how to flirt! (and I’m one of them :D) Thank God I’m not pumping my biceps’ too!

Image credits: Robert Kopecky

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Prisqua said...

Good on her!! Did you run after her to praise her... that might have got you somewhere lol

Maria said...

That was pretty smart of her to say. I wish I could be that quick on my feet, but my best insults always come later. =(

I hope you know how to flirt! Men like that, no matter what size, are not my type at all.

Mr. Fast said...

@prisqua: Damn, and now you're telling me! I'll try next time to be more aware.
@maria: Yeah, I don't like pushy people either. And when it comes to my flirting skills... let's just say I keep learning :D

Mihir said...

And half a sense of humor doesn't hurt either.
or is it humour?

Mr. Fast said...

Indeed, girls seem to love dudes with a sense of humor. And it could be humour, too, if you want to speak British English. So it does not matter THAT much :)