Jun 17, 2008

Paranoid flirting freak

There are a ton of things to say about my life / feelings / girl quest / everything today, that I don’t even know what to start with. One thing is sure: I’m slowly turning into a paranoid and I have absolutely no reason to be like that – like there’s any good moment to turn into a paranoid!

First things first: Yesterday’s party was a complete mess. A total fluke. The biggest miss ever. You get the idea. First of all because, as you can imagine, I got no date out of it. There were quite a few M-type of girls, but none seemed to be the type ready to go all the way to my bed. There was this particular chick – the self-confident type, the one that will make her first million by shaking her ass and the rest of five by marrying an old fart who’ll die a couple of weeks later… so, as I was saying, there was this particular chick I completely wanted to get. Just to do her and dump her. Date her and leave her. Make her understand that the entire universe does not revolve around her. I failed and it seems that she managed, without even trying, to show me that the world actually revolves around her. I am so pathetic sometimes… and that was just the beginning!

Because M. showed up and acted like we never met before (which was OK with me, up to a point). That point was when she had already danced with everybody in the room except for me (you know – the mating call). It sucks to be left behind. It sucks to go somewhere where one thing is clear: you’ll score, but you do not manage to do it. Damn, I think that every guy actually managed to score twice and I lost all the time with that full of herself chick. If I can’t manage to flirt properly with these ONS-ready chicks, I’m doomed!


Of course, this party I went to last night had the anticipated result: an uber-tiredness and absolutely no mood for working or flirting (had I got the chance). I was so dizzy and wasted that if the most beautiful girl in the world came to the room and asked “Who’s single,” I would’ve pointed at my colleague, just to be sure she leaves me alone. And it’s even worse that tonight will only get me even more tired. And not because of some marathons in bed (at least not with a girl, which is even more sad!)


I have been spotted. I knew this was going to happen sooner or later – and it happened sooner. Heh. However, it seems that it’s not actually any “spotting” involved – it’s just a coincidence. But it was something that scared the hell out of me – there are some people who would completely ruin my chances of achieving the goal I have in mind (yes, the one nobody knows about – to score 100 girls in one year). Because no girl would give you a piece of some sweet loving if she knew you were only doing it for the numbers…

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