Jun 28, 2008

I’m still alive (part II)

And it’s not only that I’m still alive, but I am also home. Finally! And, for at least 24 hours, I don’t even want to think about dating, flirting, girls and my plan to have the fun in a teenager's way :D. I just want to jump into the bed (alone) and sleep and forget about everything that happened to me during this short mini-vacation. Of course, I shall tell you first as much of the story as I can (and it all seems to have happened years ago…)

So… after I was literary thrown out of the apartment, mad to the bone, I wanted to jump into the car and drive home, as any sane person would probably do. However, A. was pretty pissed off, too, and she invited me to have a drink: “I know a cheap bar with cheap booze to get us wasted. It’s close to my apartment”. Now… as mad as a male can be, he cannot ignore or refuse the innocent and subtle “let’s go f*** our brains out” from a beautiful girl. Basically, we had started something in T's apartment and we wanted to finish the "job" somehow. So I have accepted her invitation.

Bad decision!

Because that bar we went to, even though an indeed really cheap one, was filled with drunken people who got their testosterone level to skyrocket when they saw me and A. (uhm... basically, I'm sure that happened because they saw her, not me :D - she is indeed a really good looking girl – though, I am sure it didn’t matter too much for the guys in the bar). Of course, I noticed that instantly and so did she, but she still insisted we should at least drink something before leaving. And I accepted to stay there, since she made me understand that we were going to spend the night at her place. Oh, sacrifices...

However, the guys started to get really horny and pushy and I was already set to “fight mode” because of what happened earlier. Still, thanks to a lot of luck, a few well placed words from A and the begging of the bartender, I did not start a fight there and left (I am under no circumstances the “fighter” nor a guy who considers it “manly” to fight in bars or wherever… still, this time was different since I was really stressed).

But when we left, one of the guys from the bar followed us (I’m still thankful it was only one) and hit me when I was completely unaware of his presence. He was probably planning to abuse A. too, or God knows what, but he didn’t even get the chance to get close to her, because a couple of her neighbors were luckily outside and jumped in to help us. So I was, thankfully, the only victim. Yes, I'm still a wuss :D.

In the end, everything was pretty OK, though – A. took me to her apartment, took good care of me, treated my wounds and… since I was in such a pain, she took care of all the swellings on my body, if you know what I mean. And you should do, because I will definitely never forget that – such a pleasant combination between pure pleasure, the pain of the wounds and, eventually, the relief of losing all the stress I had accumulated until then. It was pure heaven! As soon as she finished pleasing me orally, I went immediately asleep, like a little baby (and probably she thought I was a complete moron but, hey! that’s life sometimes!)

And indeed a new life it was – the beginning of my new mini-vacation within the mini-vacation (or something strange like that). The new beginning, I could say. Because another interesting day followed. But I will try to tell what happened in a later post. Now I just want to rest a bit. It’s great to be home and feel the love. (I just said that "love" thing in the end because I think this picture below doesn't really fit the story :D)

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