Jun 27, 2008

I'm still alive (fortunately)

The first thing I have to do is say sorry for this two days-long break, but strange things are bound to happen when you are not home – one of them being “no internet access, pal!”. And now, just to make you laugh, I’m kind of hiding in the bathroom with the laptop here, trying to make the best out of this entry in which I will not be able to narrate 10% of what happened during the past couple of days (probably). Everything was a complete madness, this I can tell you! And a big, huge mess!

I don’t even know what the most important thing that happened is and what should I talk about fist – I have managed to develop an at least strange “relationship” with A., I have managed to ruin my friendship with the friend I was living at, I became broke and homeless in this strange city and I was inches close of losing my driver’s license and making it even riskier to go back home. So… how can one narrate all these in one post, basically hiding in the bathroom? :D

Since this is My Girl Quest, though, I will consider the “screwing A.” chapter of the past couple of days the most important, so I’ll quickly sum up the things that happened between us – it has been so much that I am sure I could write an entire book about it. Who knew dating is such a serious thing? Heh.

So, as I was predicting in my previous entry, I did meet with A. two days ago and that was basically the thing that turned my peaceful short vacation into a terrible mess. Not necessary because of her – she is a wonderful person, even though I can say she’s a bit too naive and maybe too inexperienced when it comes to living (well… she is only 19 and not even I can consider myself a guy who knows stuff about life :D). Anyway… she is pretty sweet and childish and there is something about her that instantly makes you go crazy. Just lose it, just fall for her and never get up – something that would’ve been a disaster for me and My Girl Quest, since the whole point is to score as many chicks as possible, right?

So… I was into a pretty awkward situation: out with a girl I just had to score in order to record progress in my mission, but on the other hand she was… loveable. That type of girl who seems like the best option for commitment. But I have the bad five years long experience and I won’t fall so quickly again. Especially when everything else is falling apart around me.

Because our first date (a sort-of romantic dinner, just the two of us, followed by a long walk – you know, the classic style) turned into a mess, as I kept saying. I, of course, invited her home (to my friend’s apartment, actually) and she accepted. The dude was out, clubbing with his friends and I was ready for a long night alone with A. God or whatever rules the universe had other plans, though.

After the successful date we started making out, everything was great – hell, even the music was right (something which rarely happens to me)! However, we got interrupted – it was the worst possible moment, while we were making love. If you don’t know how much that sucks, you can count yourself really lucky. Anyway, I heard my friend, T., entering his apartment and since I considered him one of my best mates, I quickly wrapped a towel around my waist and went straight to the entrance, willing to ask him for a spare hour or so, to finish the job I had started. But I was a bit shocked to see what I saw: he was cuddling with E. (his sexy neighbor I did just a few days ago). Now, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t care too much about her, but she was living in the apartment above and T. knew I was there with a girl, for God’s sake! And I had just screwed his date a few days before! It was a really, really strange situation and I did feel a bit offended and I kept wondering why would T. do something like that.

However, as it usually happens – a problem always comes together with another problem – things got even worse just minutes after, when A. came out of the room and E. started to scream like a mad woman. Apparently, the two girls knew one another and they were not friends: in the past, E. had stolen one of A.’s lovers. Yeah, something wicked like that. So A. started to act strange and say rude things to E, including the fact that she had once again stolen one of her lovers – me! And that was something that didn’t go well for T, my mate, who was basically the woman’s partner (at least for the night). So we were all standing there, the atmosphere was really tense, the girls kept throwing arrows to each other, T. was pretty mad, I was really confused and annoyed, as well… eventually my mate told me it would be better if I left and that we were going to talk in the morning. And he knew I had no place to sleep! He just threw me out of his house, together with A., who was pretty annoyed and paranoid, too. I wasn’t in a great shape, either and that wasn't one of the best moments in my life.

...But now I have to pause the whole thing, I’m spending too much time already here (I’m in the bathroom) and I can hear A. getting a bit anxious. So I should leave. I will try to log in later today and add some pictures to this pretty lengthy post and edit it properly. Then, without any promises regarding the timing, I will come and post the rest of the story. Because this is just the beginning.

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