Jun 7, 2008

To do list

Survival of the strongest. Or the fittest. That’s the deal right now. I need a side-plan, a kind of “To do list” I have to check if I really want to succeed in changing my life. Here are the solid facts:

  • For 20 minutes, EVERY day I will walk on the streets of my beautiful city and tell random girls they are beautiful. Just like that and especially if they are not! This will probably give me no dates (but many punches and curses, probably), but at least I will find it really easy to talk with other girls in clubs. Stupid plan?
  • I will never honk nice girls I see on the streets. That’s absolutely rude, that’s something truckers do. However, each time I will find myself stuck into traffic and I see a girl passing by, I WILL have the guts to open the window of my car and ask if she needs a ride somewhere.
  • I will do my best to take AT LEAST one picture of the girls I’m going to date. Things should happen really quickly and I completely doubt I will have too many memories of them in 3-4 years from now. And an image tells you more than 1000 words, right?
  • In my instant messaging software I have about 60 girls living in the same city I do. I don’t know how they got there but I must start talk to each and every one of them, no matter if they are married, committed or gay. I need to have lots of options available just in case. (Just a side-note: Yeah, I’m talking about the girls I don’t know IRL!)
  • I will burn all the pictures I have with M. Yes, I mean ALL of them – including this framed one I still keep here on my desk...

Only if I manage to check all the things on this list I will be able to say that I have a new life. It’s all fair in love and war, right? And I’m not planning to start a war, so… Sorry again, C! You’re the first and last girl in my life who’s going to hear these words.

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