Jun 2, 2008

First date

Completely tired, that's how I feel now after so much work (don't you just hate Mondays?) and I should really hurry since my quest officially begins today, and I will hopefully be able to score. It would be right on schedule, since I should get one girl every 3.65 days. Hahaha, this is completely insane!

Anyway, as promised, here is a quick glimpse on how everything happened and how I got the date with C. I was in a club with my friends (not the same I was in on Saturday, I doubt I will ever go there again) and things seemed to be even worse than the prior day: no girl was checking me and there was none interesting enough for me. I spent the first 1 hour and something sitting at the table and drinking (yeah, I know, not exactly the best way to find a girl) and I was really trying not to fall asleep. I was really tired – clubs ain't my thing. At all.

Eventually I decided it was time to do what I came there to do and I went to the bar to buy a new beer (dunno why, but I feel more secure with a bottle in my hand). That was the moment when lady luck smiled. She was there, a stranger, hiding in the dark. The funny thing is that I didn't even notice her, I didn't even realize she was talking to me. She said, on a low voice "hi". When she repeated it and it was obvious she was talking to me, I got the butterflies through my stomach and I probably turned into a red demon. I just wasn't prepared for that and I completely lost myself. But she smiled and said her name. We shook hands and spend a few minutes talking (actually, she was talking, I doubt I said 20 words). Then, all of a sudden, she told me she had to go. Of course, I was that stupid and still shocked that I didn't tell her something like "we should see each other again".

But she did. Yeah, I know, I'm completely lame, but I am still doing the recovery time (I reckon I'll be a stud in 10 days, maximum). So, she said something like "We get along well, we should definitely meet again" - and hell, we didn't even had a dialog, to be honest. But it doesn't matter. Even though she is a freak (honestly, know, I doubt a normal girl would do what she did) I'm going to score tonight! My first girl. C. is going to mark the beginning of my life!

I don't know if I did say everything and all these words I wrote made sense, but I am really in a hurry – we're going to meet in about half an hour. Just the two of us, in a nice cafe she picked. It's obvious what's going to happen, right? Wish me luck!

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