Jun 6, 2008

It worked!

Understanding women or at least trying to do it is probably the stupidest thing one sane male could do. I am saying this because I have tried to understand C. this afternoon :P I have absolutely no reason to do that – and I doubt she can understand herself, anyway.

Yes, I scored! 99 chicks left

I asked her why did she chose me from all the people in that pub. She said she didn’t. She just got carried away. “Why did you continue,” I asked, referring to what had just happened. “Well… I promised you, didn’t I? And, besides, I would’ve been just like a regular girl if I would’ve said something not to do it”.

I totally loved her answer, she is clearly a smart chick. Crazy, yes. But smart. A girl with attitude. A girl who knows what she wants, knows how to get that and has fun all the time while doing it. Honestly, she is the type of girl that is able to change a guy’s life forever. Like that one in a million hot chick who agrees to sleep with the last virgin in the school just because she has a great soul. Or something like that, I don’t know, I am still under the orgasmic effects of… uhm… orgasm :)

It was not exactly a full “score”, but it still counts. Oral counts, too, as long as the dude reaches climax, right? After more than five months on the dry… it just happened. Pop! Just like that. Can you imagine?

Because I am still shocked. Euphoric. I feel good, for God’s sake! I just can’t believe it. Oh… damned work, I hate it… I’m sure that by the time I get home I’ll forget tons of details and things I want to say now...

But I scored! 99 chicks left. And now, I:

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