Jun 2, 2008

Progress, Already!

Open the champagne bottle and drink for me! Finally (and sooner than I was expecting it to happen, honestly) I made some progress. I didn’t, unfortunately, manage to write the first girl’s name on the list, but Mr Fast here got game! And I’m definitely on the right track.

Her name is C. We’re going to meet today and I really hope I’ll be able to write here yesterday’s story before we do. I’m at work now, though, and I wouldn’t like to be caught blogging by my boss. I am just really excited – Sunday nights are definitely the best times to meet girls!

Note: If you were wondering – no, I didn’t use the line I promised to use yesterday. You need guts to do that, tons of guts and that’s something I don’t have yet. But, since I have made some huge progress (and I did it sooner than D. was expecting), I’m sure I’ll soon be sailing. Yeah!

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