Jun 16, 2008

Hopes for another easy prey

I just got a phone call from the guy who hosted Saturday’s party (when I scored M.) and he invited me for another one at his place. I truly hope I’ll be able to get another girl today – this friend of mine always tends to bring ONS-ready type of girls. I just wonder if M. will come again – and how is she going to react when she sees me. Women are really strange, you know? Anything is possible. Unfortunately, if “that” thing happens again with M, it is not counted. The question is – do I want to do her again?

As a side note, today I did absolutely nothing for My Girl Quest. Unless playing all the browser based sim dating games counts, heh. I know it doesn't but once again, one thing is certain - they can get really frustrating at some points. But life’s boring anyway. And tomorrow will probably be a hard day for me, too: no matter if I score tonight or not, I will probably be dead tired. Oh, well…

PS: Just wondering… how secure is this blog from the people I know? I did a few “mistakes” and my origins can be found but… is the other way also true? I got the weird feeling that somebody’s watching me, like in the Rockwell song :D

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