Jun 20, 2008

Things people should build: flirting gadget

I was starting to get really, really bored today (you know, the same “doing nothing” from me, since I am dead tired - this week I was exhausted because of the parties) so I started to think at some strange, silly things people should’ve invented in order to make MY life and my quest a lot easier. And I found the perfect one: the flirting gadget!

It should be something like those fake testosterone sprays or perfumes (without being fake, obviously): only by pressing a button, you would turn into Superflirt Man or something crazy like that and all the girls around would fall for you (or at least one easy to score, you know?)

And yes, I am aware that something like a flirting device would not only be completely impossible to make, but also stupid and pointless. But it just crossed my mind (earlier, I must admit, and it seemed a bit more fun back then) and I thought I should share, since there are absolutely no real girl-adventures for me to share, unfortunately.

P.S. Yes, I know that there is already a flirting gadget invented and it’s called the Internet (or online dating). But I’m talking about the real deal here, understood? :P


In other words, tomorrow morning I am going on a short vacation to a friend of mine, as I was planning. Hopefully the change of cities will give me a fresh new start in My Girl Quest. I’ll keep you updated (even though it is a high possibility tomorrow I won’t post).

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