Jun 15, 2008

Easy Girl

The third name was written on my list, proving me once again that I might just succeed with My Girl Quest. However, as strange as this might sound, I am not at all excited by my latest date/flirt/whatever success. And that is exactly the reason I didn’t even bothered to write last night, after scoring – some girls, like this one, are just too easy!

You know, there is a type of girl who has “TRAMP” stamped on her forehead, and M., the latest on my list, was one of them (And just as a funny side note, her name could be translated in English as Emmanuelle – which is also the name of one of the best known erotic movie character of all times! Strange coincidence, huh?)

So, as I was saying… I met M. at this home-party I went to last night. She was clearly there just to get IT. Actually, she had dressed in such a way that it seemed like her only goal in life is to getting IT: her two big brains were screaming for air from under an ultra tight latex-like red dress and her dancing style was nothing but a mating call. Of course, I answered the call.

To be honest… she was plain stupid. Sorry if that sounds too harsh, but it is the truth: my date (or whatever you call an ONS girl) was stupid. The type of cliché blond girl appearing in B-rated comedy flicks – the one who seems to have traded her brains for boobs. And M. wasn’t even blond! Instead, she just wanted IT. She was the one who took the matter into her own hands (she did the same while in bed, if you allow me to share the secret :P) and subtly suggested we should go to my place, since she didn’t like the music (yes, the same music she kept shaking her booty on all night). So I took her home and scored. She’s the third name on my list. But not a success. Definitely.

My two cents on the story:

  1. I wonder if this type of girl, the "M. type of girl" gain anything out of their behavior. Basically, it was plain simple sex, no strings attached, no dinner at a fancy restaurant, no gold necklace, no three dates and a car. So I keep asking myself: what does a girl win in such a situation? Please, tell me if you know!
  2. Although she accepted to be photographed by me, she explicitly stated not to show the pics to anybody. So… sorry, no pics of her. I’ll try to be more persuasive in the future.

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Alexis said...

Well...she gained what she was looking for... Maybe that was her goal, not the fancy restaurant, not the money. From what you say, she was clearly a hoe. (You did use protection I hope :))

Mr. Fast said...

I always use protection :) I have a quest to finish, I've just started.

And, without any relation... I must admit I am very, very curious who you are... :P