Jun 12, 2008

How I scored G (update)

Scoring a chick you have worked for, the girl you have flirted with and whom you have convinced all alone that she should offer you some great time… boy, this is wonderful! I started to forget the feeling after my gibberish five years and I was honestly starting to lose hope I am still able to achieve something like that. But G. proved me wrong and she is a definite high for my personal life – both because of her looks and the morale boost she offered me (without knowing, unfortunately for her!)

We went for dinner in a pretty sweet restaurant – I ordered wine, she only wanted soda. So I started to believe that it was nothing but a simple date for her (for me, a girl who says “no” to alcohol is a girl that says “I’m not effing you today, baby!”) It seems that, once again, I was wrong.

The dinner went pretty well, I was nervous as hell and hadn’t it been for the wine, I wouldn’t had been able to say a single right word to her. But, thanks to the boost received from the alcohol, I managed to be quite funny. Still, I was pretty sure she wanted nothing more than a “get to know each other better” sort of date. God, I love I was wrong!

Since it was getting pretty late and both had to go to work early next morning, I was becoming quite anxious to leave (I knew she didn’t want to have sex with me, I had accepted that, I was ready to go home – easy!). However, I just couldn’t tell her that – instead, I asked her if she wants a coffee or something (in my mind, I was hoping she would understand that I’m suggesting it was kind of late). It seems that she understood: she said she wanted nothing more, that she had a great time but it was time we left.

I said I’ll drive her home and, while in the car, she told me another thing I kept thinking about all day today and still couldn’t figure out the reason for saying it. In other words, she said something like “I don’t like guys with a car like yours” (in my country, my car is considered a pretty expensive one). However, thanks to the wine I had drank, probably, I replied: “A car doesn’t make a guy. And even if it did, I’d still be different”. And this might have been the “click!” in her mind and soul, because 20-30 minutes later we were having fun like two teenagers.

And, even more, she asked for it! Because when we got to her block of flats, she asked me to go up and drink the coffee I didn’t have the chance to at the restaurant. Of course I was confused, of course I was kind of shocked and, even though my first intention was, strangely, to call it quits, I went to her room. And the rest is history.

But such a great history! Except from the oral pleasure I have received from C. a few days ago, I had a break of over 5 months until this great beautiful night. And five months for a guy my age is WAY TOO MUCH! That was one of the reasons my performance wasn’t one of the best and G will definitely not consider me one of her best “games”, but it doesn’t matter! I scored! My girl quest is finally turning in what it should: meet girl, flirt with her, date and boom-shack-a-lack! I’m happy!

PS: I have also managed to take a few pictures of her with my camera. However, I had a little chat with a friend of mine today and he told me that, unless I have the girl’s approval, I am not allowed to post her pictures on my blog. Which kind of sucks. However, this blurred out picture (she is unrecognizable in it) I think can stand. I’ll ask my friend tomorrow if it is OK :)

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Cutaritza said...

She said she didn't like boys with a car like yours....well you prove her right.

Mr. Fast said...

Lol, nicely said. Still... I'm sure it wasn't the car's fault :P

Alexis said...

1.What car do you have? (I'm such a curious gal so go on, indulge me)
2.How old are you? (you got me thinking,you said something like "a guy my age" that means you are not that young but then again you sure think and act like a teenager) Never mind! You are 24 :) But I do have a second question. What do you do for a living?
3.Well I'm not going to ask cause I think I already know what country you're from...I'm a good detective and there are some clues :p

Mr. Fast said...

1. I have a jewel of a Peugeot 407 :)) Just imagine! :))
2. I like to consider myself 25 :P Regarding my job... sorry, can't say that :) All I can say is that I spend too much time in front of a PC, instead of being out, meeting girls.
3. Yes, there are quite a few clues if you dig well enough. I'm not going to hide that for too long, though - I will analyze once and for all if stating the country I'm from would influence in any way My Girl Quest.