Nov 8, 2008

Free Your Mind! En Vogue

Does anybody still remember the nineties and the great music back then? I remember that I was still a child when En Vogue launched their "Free Your Mind" song and I was excited, amazed and forever put under the spell of gratitude. En Vogue was simply great and I know that today, when nostalgia started to rise when I accidentaly found a few En Vogue videos on YouTube. I'm going to share, of course.

First, En Vogue - Free Your Mind:

And another incredibly sexy En Vogue - My Lovin:

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Oct 26, 2008

Guys, girls and imagination

There are funny pics - that's the type of images I like looking at when I'm drunk and no other time. It feels sad to be completely sober, watch funny images and start laughing but if you're drunk you have an excuse and you're no longer pathetic. I am no longer pathetic. On the other hand (right, to be more specific) there are sexy pictures. Those can be looked at no matter when. Those stimulate a man's imagination and sometimes they're great cuz they keep you going: you see one chick in one pic and you set her as your objective: you won't stop til you get one like her.

And, for everybody else, there are funny sexy pics, who are just great to look at whenever you feel like. And I feel like buying a new DVD-player like... right now! But I want the exact same remote control model!

On the other hand (right, again) you might just be a manly man, muscular and fit. I'd like that, too. Who wouldn't. May the force be with you. Keep it up! And I have absolutely no idea if I'm talking about hers or yours.

Anyway... if I said something about the FORCE - this is the reason I did it. HAlloween is closer than ever so I wonder: will I hit the right party? This chick deffinitely did:

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Sep 30, 2008

Chick of the week: Sarah Shahi

Although it's not exactly what I generally watch on TV, the Life series did get my attention because of one thing: Sarah Shahi, a beautiful, beautiful chick that's becoming this week's "best of", thanks to her descendants: Iranian and Spanish. So, without further ado, enjoy the Sarah Shahi pictures here and thank God for creating such wonderful things. Oh, one more thing: if you plan to ever ask her out, have in mind that Sarah Shahi's real name is: Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi.

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Oops, she did it again!

I was silently and boringly surfing the internet when I accidentally found out that, once again, a Britney Spears sex tape is out in the wild. There were lots of rumors regarding the existence of such a video in the past, but it was proved, every time, that they were all fake.

However, this time it appears to be different - the Britney Spears sex video is allegedly awaiting for "the right price" to be published, being held by Britney's ex-banger Adnan Ghalib. So, it seems that this time, the "queen" did it again. It was the time she did something, right? I mean... except for being fat and a pain in everybody's but... did she do anything recently? Sex tapes. So... bring it on, let us see some booty.

Oh, and my stupid little question for miss Britney, if she reads this (lol): Do you like anal?

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Sep 4, 2008

What every man needs...

I have just finished drinking my third coffee today and I still feel bad: I could sleep starting this second and only wake up on Monday. I need a break and I can't afford one right now, unfortunately. And then, I find this picture you can see and start wondering: why is nobody paying attention to this kind of pics. Give me a workplace like this one (without my job being named "porn star") and I'll sure as hell be more productive than ever. Really, now, I just found a dream job. I've got a laptop, too, so I'm all set. Aiiiight?

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Sep 3, 2008


I am 100% excited. Words can't describe the way I feel now, since my mega-huge project I'm working on together with one of my friends is finally starting to have the shape we were planning and things have no reasons not to work :) I just love watching that thing (I can't really talk about it right now, but it's going to be big!). I'm hoping for the best.

However, this nonstop work has a huge side effect: not only it keeps me tired to the bone and in a state where coffee has absolutely no effects, but it also keeps me away from the most precious gift a young male could get from life: girls, girls, girls. Lol. No, really, you don't want to imagine how long it was since Mr. Fast here did it the last time. Because if you want, you'll definitely start laughing and I don't want you to do that. Not laugh at me, anyway.

So... back to work. I found some really cool and funny images during some random site hopping and I just know I must post them to ease my pain, but I'm too busy for that, too. But just this week, I promise. :)

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Aug 28, 2008

This is the future

Thanks a lot for the sweet words, it's good to know that people don't want to see you go. So I'm not going. I'm just turning into a boring, stupid, fat ass dude that can do nothing but whine, scream, cry and other stuff like that. You know... all the loser-esque things. Heh. Or, in other words, this becomes my personal blog I'll update whenever something important or worth writing about happens. I won't be chasing girls, I have given up the bet, this is my old life (or my new life, whatever). This is the new me.

The truth is that this is not me. I'm not the flirt dude, I'm not the king of Don Juan's, I just can't f**k for fun. And I can definitely not do it with anybody. And that's what I was starting to do in My Girl Quest. Which kind of sucked. I'm not a lowlife. I don't do girls that are drunk, that are too stupid or just plain ugly. Nope, that's not me. So I had to quit. It just wasn't right.

And... since everything started out as a "quiet, little project" (until I found Entrecard and the fact that's much more fun to have actual, real people reading)... so, just as it was planned, this blog will remain kind of quiet. As in promotion. I don't plan to change the world so I definitely don't need to do my best to spread the word. I love reading blogs, I love writing, but the truth is that I don't have the needed time to fully promote it. So I'll stick to reading the few blogs I really started to enjoy while on Entrecard and take care of my other projects.

Because, yes, this is one of the other reasons I have to stop being a prick, a teenager-like dude. I have other projects. So... we're all set to go, right? This is the new me (I just wonder how many times I said that?) This is the new blog. This is what started it all!

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Aug 27, 2008

Plans for the future

Out of various reasons (one of the most important being the fact that I keep failing), I have decided to end My Girl Quest. Initially I wanted to put an end to this blog, too, but eventually I have decided not to. It will become my personal blog (so basically, about the same thing that it was until now) that will only be focused to keep me occupied a bit more in my busy life :)

I will stop dropping on Entrecard and, as soon as the last add will expire, I will stop using the service. Not because it is not great, but because I want to keep a low profile for a while. I'll be adding all the friends I made during this small period of blogging to my blogroll and I hope we'll keep in touch. So... until next time, whenever that is, remember one thing: Don't start a Girl Quest unless you are THE Don Juan :) It will fail (especially if you don't have time). See ya all!

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Aug 15, 2008

How to get Emo chicks

Honestly, I have had very few contacts with emo kids, emo as a phenomenon and I doubt I have ever listened to any Emo music (at least if I did, I never knew what it was). Anyway, I kept hearing jokes about these sad kids and my general idea about emo people was that they kind of sucked… you know, as in “pathetic losers”...

Yesterday night I went to have a drink with a friend of mine and we ended making fun of these “pathetic losers” – none of us actually knowing what “being emo” means. You know, it was the talk before you think thing – it's not a first for me, unfortunately :D

Anyway, after a while, we got to the brilliant conclusion that since Emo chicks consider themselves pathetic losers, good-for-nothing babes, ugly and God knows what else, it would be pretty easy to get them. I mean… if I were a desperate, 350 lbs dude with stinky breath and a 3 inch wiener, I’d probably accept any girl. You get the idea. What matters the most is the fact that we decided to start a new marathon: get the emo chicks.

Of course, there were two problems here: we were slightly very drunk and we had no idea where we could go and find an Emo heaven to pick our girls from there. So my friend stuffed his backpack with beers and we started walking across the streets, searching for girls. We had a holy quest: to get the Emo girls, to take advantage of the biggest treasure of human kind: fresh, free, easy meat for hungry, bad dudes. OR something like that.

I know, a complete piece of crap, but when you’re drunk, some things seem nothing but pure genius!

So we kept walking, emptying the backpack and not finding any emo chicks. Of course, we were so caught up with our plans and fantasies and stuff that we probably passed by tons of good to get girls… but it doesn’t matter, because in the end we got what we deserved and it was priceless!

In a slightly illuminated area, there were groups of two people (4-5, at most) sitting in pairs every here and there, drinking and talking and smoking. Emo girls! My friend and I got our eyes on the most pathetic looking of them all (a chick with a strange Sonic-like hairstyle and a little chubby one having Cloud’s haircut). Anyway, two lonely girls, pissed off on life, willing to let us prove them things are actually better. Or just do them, no strings attached :D

So we sat down relatively close to the girls – we didn’t want to appear to be too pushy, not to scare them and we started to talk. Being funny. Probably utterly failing, since we were drunk, but back then everything seemed great. Anyway… eventually we started to talk about the fact that we were all alone, that we could use some company… stuff like that, preparing the big approach and the big "getting of the emo chicks" followed by an effortless night of banging and good-bye-baby. It wasn’t meant to be.

Because before we ended our flirting program, the two Emo chicks got up and one said to another something like: “Let’s go, dude! These gay fu*** are horrible” and the chubby one agreed: “F***ing fa*s!” We were shocked. We just did our best (even though drunk) to get two guys! Our highly anticipated success with the Emo chicks proved to be a total fluke. And, man, last night was the moment when I decided: never trust these Emo persons again. You can really not be sure if they take their trousers down and prove to be some hunky dudes! Eeeek!

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Aug 14, 2008

Hilarious: Cure for premature climax

Being a flirting king or flirting master or whatever has nothing to do with being a performer in bed – that was proved, unfortunately, just a couple of days ago by the one you can really call Mr. Fast. However, the news quickly started to circulate among my friends, unfortunately, since I forgot that D, my best friend, knows about the existence of My Girl Quest (and thus this blog) and he can’t really keep things for himself.

However, if my friends wouldn’t have known about that I would have never seen these images you can enjoy now and which are said to guarantee you will never have problems in bed (aka premature ejaculation :D). And they probably are right, since these things are so damn hilarious! But now I know what I want for my birthday lol.

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Aug 13, 2008

Gentlemen don’t tell

There are some things a guy should keep for himself. There are accidents, stuff like that, things that can completely screw up your life (or, if you’re SMART enough, they can provide some good fun for you). Anyway, the idea is that sh*t happens. And all these “accidents” that happen along your lifetime just add up, sum up and eventually manage to drive you mad, no matter if you made fun of them or not. Because, generally, you don’t make fun of them. You can’t tell about this stuff to your friends – and it’s understandable. Gentlemen don’t tell. Period.

Because some things are made to be kept secrets. Or... ?

Last night, happy and excited, I found out that A, my latest flirting extravaganza, really meant it with the three dates rule (and, no matter how stupid I consider that idea or concept or whatever, I’m not going to talk about it right now). Anyway, the fact is that we were sharing my bed, cuddling and kissing, whispering and caressing each other – having fun and, all in all, we were getting ready to do itas they do it on Discovery channel”. And then it happened: Badda Bing!

My body, my flirting king body rejected me and told me to go to Hell, after promising me the moon and some extra. Most unfortunate is that A. also promised me a looot of things (“I’ll do this and that and that, too”). Anyway… the idea is that everything was destroyed in just a couple of seconds… MAYBE a minute. Badda Bang!

Because I finished. I was done. “Oops”-like. “WTF-was-that?”-like. Badda Bing and no Boom Boom Boom. You get the idea. It was that most absolute embarrassing thing. As in “I’m sorry, I dunno what happened”, as in Speedy-Gonzales style… actually, it seems that I proved to myself that indeed I am Mr. Fast. Damned coincidences!

The fact is that you feel so bad in such moments that you can’t describe it in words. I was shocked, ashamed and I just didn’t have the guts to look into A.’s eyes. I was feeling her – she was ready to start laughing, she was ready to grab the phone and tell her friends, she was ready to ask questions or just go away. Anyway… one thing is certain: no girl in the world can imagine what goes through a man’s mind and heart when something like that happens. When stuff you don’t talk about happens. When stuff we don’t like to admit is true… that’s the real deal with Gentlemen don’t tell. And it sucks.

But, to end this on a lighter, happier note, it just got to me: I should’ve told her “It’s your fault, biatch! You and your stupid three dates rule! You see how close I was to explode into my pants?” And then we would’ve laughed and gave it another try. Or not. But since I was inside and kind of did my job, she counts. Beat this!

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Aug 12, 2008

Maybe I don't get the girls, but I kick ass!

You all know that my flirting quest has its problems and just every now and then I manage to go off like a volcano – then it takes me eons to recharge and do that again. Fortunately, it seems that my failures and absolute inability to do something right is good fun for you and that makes me feel great. Honestly.

According to WordWebbing, I don't only manage to bring up some great entertainment to you guys, but I am also a kick ass blogger. Yahoo! That feels good. I kick ass at something... and even though I would personally feel much better if I would be squeezing on a girl's ass, I still feel honored. And, as honored as I feel, I must award this Kick Ass Award to other five precious bloggers. So here they are:

Phone Sex Life: The girl is a dream woman. She not only manages to bring an orgasm to any male with her mouth (by talking to them, I mean), but she also makes anybody's fantasy turn into reality. There's a little catch, though: you have to call her. But, from the delicious stuff I read over at her blog, she totally deserves that.

Prisqua: I have a girl quest, this beautiful lady has a man quest that's slightly different. However, she is one of the first persons that greeted me when I hit the blogosphere and I will always remember her for that. I wish her luck with her quest and award her this badge, too.

Natalie Galitzine: I have recently discovered her blog and I must admit I am put under her spell. She has a great style, a great life and some really strong 'n great opinions about romance and stuff like that. Not to mention that she also has some great stories. A worth read and a must visit if you haven't done so. Make sure your bookmarks are free, because that's the place Natalie's blog will go!

Colon Joy
: Out of nowhere, this guy (or girl) started to talk to me on Entrecard and told me how much he (or she) liked reading my blog. I felt honored by being featured in the blogroll there (the only one right now, actually :D) so I feel I should pay it back with this award. Maybe more posts in the future?
PS: As an off-topic, I'm getting ready for my THIRD date with A. I truly hope she meant it!

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Aug 10, 2008

Girl of the week – Gina Pistol

This week’s most sexy girl is, due to popular demand, a blond one – unfortunately, I was quite unlucky to think about a really famous chick (I’m getting ready for my date with A. so I have my mind more focused on flirt skill recharging :D). Anyway… the girl of this week is Gina Pistol, a very sexy lady that would never say "No" (That’s what she said during an interview!)
She has a pretty interesting story: born in 1981 in a very small Romanian village, she moved to the capital city and got a job as a shoe seller. She was later discovered by the guys over at the Playboy magazine, accepted to pose nude and a new life was going to start for her. The pseudo-star was soon going to be present at various television shows, she even hosted a TV show herself but she never managed to get too high in the charts. However, she is still considered one of the sexiest girls in Romania and, as you can see in the pictures here, there are some serious reasons for that. So, ladies and gentleman, I give you Gina Pistol!

Funny fact: Her surname means “gun”. You can imagine that there were a few jokes based on that. So… anybody wanna load her up?

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Back on track

Finally, for the first time in my life I managed to move fast and quickly get over a semi-failure. Even though Phone Girl is right – I’s the kind of girl I have to seek and get, it is always good to see that your flirting style can give you something better - even if it’s more work for one to pick up a better girl. Flirting is not an easy job!

Last night I went together with my friends at a party, it was somebody’s birthday and we all met up in a pub where one thing was not missing: booze. Nor girls, to be honest, but most of them were already taken. Anyway, my luck was that I was seated near a girl I did not know, but who was single – a very open minded person, a great company, and a pretty one too. Her name was A and she was quite a chat. Also, she didn’t seem to be there to find a date, an ONS or even to seek for a relationship – she was there to have fun and luckily I was around (to change things, heh)

We spent some quality time talking and joking and, that’s God, I was really pleased to see that I can do much better than the night before. A. is a kind of a Tom-girl, though: she mixed beer and wine, drank about as much as I did, but I was the one who seemed to be drunker. Not to mention the fact that she was very direct in saying what was on her mind… you know, the type of girl you might have sex with and talk about football or cars. Heh… or so I imagine.

Because, even though A. and I had a great night and spent some really quality time together, when I asked her (late at night) if she wants to come to my place, or go somewhere else where there’s more privacy, she said something like: “Just wait a little, boy! We just met… don’t you know about the three dates rule?

It was something vague for me but I said I did – under no circumstances I wanted push my luck with her, especially because most of my friends were there and she looked like the type of girl who could make quite a mess if she really wanted. But, on the other hand, we’re meeting later today and I hope she really meant it with the “three dates rule” – which means I’m close. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Aug 9, 2008

Please, don’t stop the music

Rihanna definitely knows what she’s talking about when she says that (“Please don’t stop the music”, I mean). There are some things when the noise is better to skyrocket because some girls are just… Honestly, now, I shouldn’t complain here, since I’m clearly after quantity with my flirt quest and no quality… but some things are way off limits.

It was a so-so night last night – I did score, thank God for that! – but there was absolutely no quality involved (yup, there I go spilling the beans so fast about it!). But really my biggest concern was the girl (for the first time in my life, probably – am I getting old?) – she was a complete mess!

I know that when you go to a club, flirt, get the girl, do her then kiss her good-bye nothing but her looks and love making skill matter, but she was really on zero with EVERYTHING else. I do like to talk with my date, I like to discover what she likes, I like to have a good company. And even though I don’t want her to laugh at all my jokes (because I know I totally suck sometimes), I at least have the guts to ask from a lady to understand when I’m joking. For God’s sake, this girl had absolutely no idea what “To joke” means, she had no idea what “social behavior” is… I even have doubts that she knew I flirted with her, picked her up and did her. She was from a different planet – Planet Stupid, to be more specific.

It’s hard to explain exactly how this girl was, but you probably know the type – she looks good enough to draw your attention without putting on too much make-up, but she has huge problems with words. She grunts and makes all sorts of noises instead of speaking, she laughs when she shouldn’t and fails to even smile when somebody says the best joke ever.

Pff…I can’t stand it anymore. There are some problems in my area with the electrical power – there were these problems all day and I am completely pissed off – three times I was interrupted while writing and honestly, this can really drive you crazy. So I don’t know if this post has any sense right now, all I can say is that I. – the last night girl, not my work colleague – was horrendous. Great in bed but a horrible company.

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Aug 8, 2008

Big night tonight

It’s good to set some goals, right? That’s exactly what I am doing now by saying that this night will be a “big” one. Following my latest flirting disaster, nothing noteworthy happened (as you probably deducted for yourself from the lack of posting). I worked a bit on a personal flirtopedia in order to make things a bit easier to follow, but it’s far from ready and I’m a pretty lazy ass right now.

Anyway, back to my flirting quest – tonight has to be a big night. I need some fresh meat, I need a few phone numbers, I need to get back on track. I. is constantly ignoring me and I really don’t care about that and P. still sends me a message every know and then, but I think she got the point – it was just doing it and nothing else. :) Hopefully, that’s exactly what I will to achieve tonight. May lady luck be with me!

PS. Since this post seems to be so “empty”, here’s a good one from the past. Thank God it’s Friday!

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Aug 6, 2008

Worst. Pick up. Line. EVER

I sometimes manage to surprise myself with my utter stupidity and complete lack of flirting skills. Actually, sometimes I am so bad at flirting that I just wonder how come I’m not a virgin anymore. Honestly, I suck – and here is my latest example of absolute rubbish flirting.

I was out with one of my friends to grab a bite to eat and we were silently sitting at a table, having nothing to do. A chick – that type of girl who thinks about herself that she’s the top of the world – who was sipping from a diet Coke at a nearby table started to giggle at the stuff me and my fried were saying – we were indeed telling some funny stuff and we started to do our best when we noticed she was paying attention.

So we kept talking for a few more minutes, she kept giggling and we were getting ready to introduce ourselves to her, when she makes the second step, too. She says to me something like: “I see you’re into sports. Do you know when the Olympic Games start?” (just to make things clear: we were indeed talking about sports).

I know, not the most clever thing to say, but she’s a girl and she took the initiative – something girls rarely do. But my utter stupidity, lack of concentration and experience, as well as COMPLETELY wrong idea about what flirting means, resulted in this answer: “I have no idea, but I’d start some Olympics with you right now”.

She didn’t slap me, but my friend almost punched me. Instantly I realized how rude that was – what a horrendous, pitty pick-up line or follow-up line or whatever flirting related thing… I was nothing but an a$$hole.

Honestly now, for everybody reading – I’m not like that. It just happened to me now. I was feeling cool and though I should act cool. However, I just proved a complete lack of style and that costed me dearly – otherwise I would’ve been bust doing it right now...

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Aug 5, 2008

That’s PMS, aaaaight?

As you all probably know, I said the big words to I. (no, not “I love you”, but “Bye-bye”). Her reaction was pretty nice and unexpectedly calm, she took it to the chin and even said something like “we’ll have random sex every now and then,” which was pretty cool, you know? So I was ready to become a Don Juan again, re-start my flirting quest and enroll the Flirters Top Spots (and if something like that doesn’t exist, I was ready to create it).

Anyway… the point is that I was happy with what my life was turning into: for the first time in many, many years I had been caught in a love-triangle: P, I and me, two girls and a guy, excitement, more Don Juan-ism and hormones skating freely in my testosterone-filled body. Stuff like that. I was proud.

But things had to turn to the darker side.

Because, as I was anticipating back when my “relationship” with I. was nothing but a big question mark, things at work are pretty ugly now. Remember the episode when she sent me a message to look at her and she opened her legs in a Sharon-Stone-Basic-Instinct type of thing? Well… things are about the same, with a few small differences: she doesn’t send me messages anymore and, whenever it happens that my eyes turn her way, she doesn’t open her legs anymore, but her middle finger rises like a statue up in the air.

Thankfully, she barely talks to me now, which is good. However, I can only believe that all my colleagues at work know (or, at most, will know soon) that I have a tiny little wiener, that I suck in bed, my mouth smells like crap and I was a virgin when I first dated her. OR that I’m gay and like IT big. I dunno… I’m sure it will be something bad, anyway. The good thing is that I don’t have plans to date anybody from work anymore, so it won’t be a loss. However, it still sucks.

Or, just as I said in the title, it could be nothing but I.’s PMS. That would really explain her strange behavior. Case closed!

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Aug 4, 2008

Funny searches

I’ve seen this done in other blogs and I got really curious about it, so I started to check out the keywords/search strings that got people from search engines to my blog. I hoped to see lots of girl quests, flirting techniques, flirting masters and other dating-related stuff, but I was surprised to find out that a few people came here searching for completely different things. It's always like that, it seems

First of all, “girl piss” and “girls piss” were two terms that brought me no less than 16 visitors! Can you imagine that there are 16 people searching for that? :D I am really sorry for them, I have no idea why they get here.

A rather strange visit came from a guy or girl who searched for nothing but “window voyeur sexy neighbour peeping tom”. My accidentally-exhibitionist neighbor got the hit and I truly hoped that post deserved such a loooong search string.

However, my favorite search in the past month remains “my girl sucks for money”. And I was so naïve to think that girls would not take advantage of the fact that we love oral sex so much!

Other rather funny searches were: “squashed girl”, “who is sexiest flirt line”, “sex date with busty bar girl” and “peeing Tom”. Oh, come on, dude! It’s “peeping!”

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Aug 3, 2008

Girl of the week – Ileana Lazariuc

Until now, we had two girls of the week coming from Iasi, right now we’re going to have yet another girl from Moldavia. Honestly, I’m not trying to convince potential visitors to skip Transylvania and go straight there. We have tons of beautiful Romanian girls everywhere, and the sexiest of them will be here. So, ladies and gentleman, I’m giving you this week’s girl – Ileana Lazariuc!
Just like the other two hotties, she stared her career as a model, when aged 15. Her beauty put everybody under a spell and she tried to get things even further, by creating a musical group called Trinity. Music was not her thing, though (not at all), so the band quickly died.

However, she remained in the limelight (it’s hard for such a beauty to get out of the press’ sight) and starred in a couple of movies, married (sorry, guys) a rich dude and recently gave birth to a little boy. But these things really matter less right now, since she is still a smoking hot sexy girl who just knows how to pose. And if you do your best, you can find some completely NSFW pics of her from the Playboy shooting. Yep, she did that, too!

This week’s bonus: Ileana Lazariuc has a beautiful mother, also a famous singer in Romania. Check her out here then ask yourself: how do some people do to look that young?

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So long, I!

I knew this weekend was going to have a major impact on my future. Even though I did not say it loud, a little bit of me was considering having a relationship with I. She proved to be a very special girl, with a ton of randomness, a girl which knows how to flirt, how to play, how to have fun. She is great and I don’t even remember if I got the girl or she got me, you know? It’s like we just met and united and there was no pick up involved.

Anyway, a relationship was someway against My Girl Quest, my plans for full year of flirting and random chick scoring. So I wanted to test things a bit more – everybody would do that, if such a huge stake is in play.

The first thing I did when I got up on Saturday was to call her (of course, after P. left). I invited her over and I had absolutely no plans. Things started off pretty good, with her jumping on me, telling me she was just wondering how long was she going to last without IT. So I was already thinking about turning My Girl Quest into a “family diary” now. But we all do mistakes.

After doing it, we spent some time cuddling, talking and cuddling even more. She wanted to watch a movie. So we did. Then she got hungry and we had to go grab something to eat – just to return home. I don’t know what you say about that, but for me it was not the most exciting thing in the world. So I asked her what should we do, where should we go.

She said that she didn’t want to go anywhere – she just wanted to watch movies together with me, cuddle and maybe have sex before we go to bed. She said “maybe,” for God’s sake! Last week’s sex machine, was turning fast into a housewife. In just a week! Oh, no, I’m not going to fall for that!

So I bought some wine for courage, went home and got drunk a little. It was still hard for me to say it, but I did: I told her that the only reasons I keep dating her was sex, that I was not ready for a relationship, for commitment – you know, the regular “let’s take a break” thingie that’s nothing but a softer way to say “eff off!”

She took it like a man, so to say. “This means we’ll only see one another when we want to do it?” she asked. I was 100% surprised with that, but I am sure she’ll not be visiting my bed again anytime soon :D Well… at least I got rid of her and I’m more confident now. Having you last night’s date smell in your skin when you’re doing it with another woman is not the most common thing in the world. I am proud of me!

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Sick + Compassion = Sex

No, for those of you asking, I. didn’t take me on a random trip this weekend, too – it was just me being too lazy to post, even though I did promise to be posting daily on my progress. Oh, well, maybe it’s better to come up with lots of things once, so that your life seems to be more interesting than it is. Heh.

On Friday night I played in sick and told my work colleague (I.) that going out was not the best thing for me to do and I even managed to convince her she shouldn’t even come to my place to “take care of me”. I kind of backstabbed her here – I said that if she came, I would not be able to resist her looks and we'd end up doing it rather than resting and take care of my health. And it seems that, for me, keeping the interest high in me (even though it’s not to my own… interest) is something I do better than flirting. Damn, you'll probably re-read that just to understand a quarter of what I said. lol

The real reason why I did not want some wild sex with I. was my intention to finally do something with P and get rid of her. I just invested too much time not to get anything out of this, too. So I was a bit of a pig, but it was all good in the end: I called her and played sick again (some things just work :D) and asked her to come over so we could watch a movie and cuddle and make me feel better. She kind of wanted to go out and have some fun, but she still came.

My plan was to force things a bit: I was only in my boxer shorts (feeling sick, you know) and she didn’t have anything against that. However, I told her that I was having a fever and I was cold and eventually asked her to hug me, "maybe that will help," I said. We stood like that for a while, which was a perfect time for me to whisper into her ears the sweetest possible words. She liked that (every woman does) and we soon started groping, kissing and stuff.

But I was sick and weak, remember? So, I really wanted to take a shower in order to cool off a little, and I asked her to take me there. She must’ve been a bit excited, too, since she allowed me to insist and ask her to join me - “Just as we did in the bed,” I said. She was still reluctant.

So I stripped and went to take the shower, I kept asking her to come: she was there, still looking, probably having a fight with her inner self if she should do it or not. Eventually, the devil on her shoulder won the fight, and she joined me: it was for the first time in at least one year (I’m sure it’s been longer, though) when I had sex under the shower. And it was great, there was some huge sexual tension between me and P. and we both felt relief after we did it. The only problem is that she’s probably considering we have a strong relationship right now. Her loss :D

(Note: I see this is getting too long, I’ll write a new entry on my flirting success yesterday)

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Aug 1, 2008

Sex sells. No, really?

Everybody keeps saying that – sex sells. I don’t know about that, but it surely sells better than… let’s say, mustard. Flirting with girls doesn’t sell, on the other hand. At least it never pays off for me. Anyway… I’m not on topic. Sex sells, they say and the last person to prove that will be Tera Patrick, the famous porn star. What’s the deal?

I just read somewhere that she will be a spokesperson/something official for an upcoming video game, Resistance 2. Pretty strange combination of names, I must admit, since the girl, as we know it, rarely resists doing stuff she shouldn’t. And we’re also unable to resist her charms. Video game developers/publishers seem to have a real sick sense of humor.

But that’s not the point. The point is that the porn industry and the gaming industry are slowly starting to shake hands (or to embrace, or to do it, or whatever they’re doing). Right now, they’re only using chicks to promote products and honestly I don’t really care about that. But I’m waiting for the moment when these girls will actually star in the game and do what they know to do best. That’s when I’m going to pray for the likes of Tera Patrick to star in games, too. Hopefully, that will happen soon. It’s been a while since something as “shocking” as the Hot Coffee was released…

UPDATE: I made a little mistake here. No, sex still sells, but another game. Saints Row 2, not Resistance. I told you it was a strange combination of Tera and Resistance. Anyway, here's what I'm talking about, that's what we should expect from this cooperation:

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I rock!

I keep seeing on various blogs different things regarding the Page Rank. It seems that it’s a pretty important thing, since so many people are completely excited if their PR goes up or feel the sky had crumbled and fell on their heads if the PR got down. In other words, it’s something that matters to them, so I have decided to check mine.

To my surprise (to my big, huge surprise, since this blog is so “young”), I have a page rank of 3. It made me feel like a superstar, or something, like a rock star and now I’m awaiting for groupies to come and please me. Of course, it’s something that only happens in my mind. So far, to me, page rank doesn’t mean anything but a number: traffic from search engines remains the same and I am not at all more lucky at scoring or flirting with chicks. So I’m not such a big rock star, after all. But I needed an excuse to post thins beautiful picture. :D

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Jul 31, 2008

Peeping Tom again and some randomness

I’ve been a voyeur before and I totally loved it. Today it happened again and boy, it was exciting! Of course, since I am nothing but a strange person who doesn’t know what he wants from life… I got so excited by I. There is something about her, she manages to surprise me, there is something special about her, after all, something that makes me delay the interruption of our relationship.

I was sitting at my office today, getting bored and pretending I was working, when I received a message from I. “Look,” was everything she wrote and at first I spent quite some seconds waiting for a picture to load or something. But I realized she was talking about the real thing, so I slowly turned my head. She was keeping her legs wide open, allowing me to see under her skirt the fact that she was wearing no lingerie! She only allowed me to view her for five seconds or something, but it was enough to drive me crazy. “It’s aching for you,” was the message that followed from her and I felt like jumping on her right there. It’s this kind of stuff she does that makes me care for her more than I should. She’s fun, she’s unpredictable, she’s kinky. I doubt many girls could’ve done what she did for me, risking to be seen by the others. On the other hand, maybe she likes that. Hmm… :D
P. called me again today. I really had no time for her and this seems to bug her a little. I’m kind of ignoring her and I have the feeling that she’s trying to prove me that she deserves more attention than I'm offering. And, to be honest, I am only offering to give IT to her. If ignorance is not just a bliss, but also a great way to get the girl, I’m going to be such a winner! :D
I laughed like a mad man when I found out I’m not the only guy having problems with girls. One of my friends has a crush on a chick who works at the supermarket near his house. And according to him (he likes to exaggerate things lie sometimes) the chick kind of flirts with him. The only problem is that the “chick” is a women who has a 15 years-old son. And my friend is 21. Love has no boundaries :D

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Jul 30, 2008

Five things that piss me off

I am great at making lists – much better than flirting, dating or doing girls, unfortunately, but a man gotta have his strong points, right? Unfortunately, mine is making lists. Usually, I make list which just exists – lists of “To do’s” (I never manage to do the girls on that list :D), “Should’ve done” (I have nothing to do about these girls, but at list I can keep count of my failures) and so on. You get the point...

Today was a pretty crappy day for me, from many different points of view. Actually, I’m quite pissed of and, in order to calm down, I’m chewing on my leg, while poking my butt with a leather whip. Yuck! No, actually I’m doing nothing but writing. LISTS!

  • I. pisses me off the most – she can’t understand why can’t we tell everybody we have a relationship. Let me tell you, sweetie: because WE DON’T!!!
  • P. pisses me off because she doesn’t want to have sex. I have to work for that, I have to be tender, tell her sweet words and lose precious time. Not to mention the fact that the first letter of her name, P, is a strong reason enough to piss anybody off.
  • I am unable to flirt. And whenever I do manage to spit a good line or do something smart, I am later proved that I was actually thinking with the bulge in my pants. And that fellow down there ain’t smart, let me tell you!
  • I didn’t watch a porn movie for ages. I have just realized that and it pisses me off like hell. Honestly, now! Guys my age should watch an adult-rated movie every now and then, at least for understanding that these movies and real life barely have anything in common.
  • The fact that My Girl Quest is getting close to being a total failure. I have no more chances to follow my plans and screw 100 chicks in one year. That’s impossible (unless, of course, there will be a last-day orgy including me and 50 other girls but, yet again, I should read the 4th reason)
  • As if anybody (except Tom Cruise or whatever) cares about that, for a few days now I only see Scientology adds on my blog. How do you turn such things off, they drive me crazy! (And I thought religion should inspire peace... :D)

All these things suck and piss me off. I’m angry today. I need a massage. Oh, God! I need a girl, too. It’s one of those days when you do something stupid. I’m still trying to guess if I should call I. or P. to my place.

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And the best place for the first date is…

Here they are, with a little delay, the results of the second poll on My Girl Quest. This time I wanted to know from you which is the best place for a first date and I must admit I was a bit surprised with the results: flirting should be done with style – that’s what you said, basically.

Because 9 of the voters said that the best place for a first date is a Fancy Restaurant, I feel good with myself – for a relationship (so not something I want now), that’s exactly the place I would take my girl, and I truly hope you do the same. However, if you have no Fancy Restaurant in sight, you could just go for a romantic walk – that seems to be good enough, too, since 7 people opted for the “more walking, less eating” thing. Better than a hamburger, anyway.

What really surprised me, however, is the fact the classic pub got absolutely no votes. Nada. Nothing. Zero. It seems that people don’t like drinking beer and yelling at each other while eating a cheeseburger… at least not for the first date. Which is not necessary a bad thing.

Because, in the end, I think that not the place is the one responsible for the perfect first date, but the person you’re dating, right?
Now, it’s time for a new poll and I have a solid reason to ask this question: My Girl Quest wants to be a personal diary, and not an adult-rated website/blog/whatever. For me, the amount of mature/adult content is within limits, but I want to know what you believe. Please be honest. And, once again, thank you for reading and voting!

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Jul 29, 2008

Consequences and the clueless mind

I had the time of my life in I’s company and if you didn’t, you must go and read about the crazy girl right now! Well… sort of crazy. Weekend-crazy. Because, it seems that as soon as the week starts, she turns back into her old self: strange, weird, old-school. It doesn’t make sense yet, right?

Well, the things is that on Monday, as soon as I arrived at my workplace, she took me in the bathroom and pleased me there, without even saying "Hi"! No, I was joking :D She did took me inside the bathroom, but instead of wild sex, she said: “You didn’t call me yesterday!” The scary idea that she indeed wants a relationship started to fill the small room. It was all clear when she continued: “What are we going to do? Shall we tell our colleagues about it or we’re keeping it a secret for now?FOR NOW?!? So it’s not just a relationship, but something that’s going to last a while? Oh, boy, I’m in such a mess!

I told her we should keep this a secret and I’m still thinking on what to do to dump her. To let her understand that we only had fun, that I still have 90 chicks to score and time’s running out. However, to be honest, I’m not doing my best to find a solution, because my egoistical half (or three quarters, or whatever) is still waiting for the weekend. For some more adventures, for sex in the trees, scuba diving and blowjobs… crazy stuff like that! However, I do realize I’m in a huge mess, nevertheless. But, for the moment, things are kind of under control.

But there might be a bomb ticking, ready to blow. Today I got a phone call from P, the shy girl who didn’t get into my bed. If you can believe it, I had completely forgotten about her! And now she called, saying that I’m a pig, that I didn’t call her, that she thought I was different and stuff. And I don’t know about you, but to me this sounds like “relationship” too. It seems it’s harder than I imagined finding chick to have fun with. Flirt, go home, do it and say good-bye. Why is it that hard?

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Jul 27, 2008

Girl of the week – Monica Dean

Everybody was blown away by the sexiness of the first girl of the week, Catrinel Menghia and I truly hope I will be able to bring you all the same orgasmic visual experience every week. One thing is clear: just like any other country, Romania doesn’t lack beauty. That’s going to be confirmed by this week’s beauty, Monica Dean (also known as Monica Barladeanu).

The beauty above is far from being a girl – she’s a 30 years old real woman who considered the US much more appealing than her birth country (and who could blame her? :D). Just like Catrinel Menghia, she was born in Romanian city Iasi – so all of you who were planning to visit Romania and our best-known Transylvania region, you should reconsider – I think you’d rather meet some hot girls than a blood-sucking vampire, right?

Back to today’s sexy beauty, Monica Dean! She started her career as a model and slowly started to climb up the charts: she first works as a host for a TV show in Romania, she is named by two different magazines the most beautiful celebrity in Romania, then she heads to movies. Even though you probably do not remember her, she appeared in Lost (1 episode, 15 minutes and you certainly noticed her), and in B movies like Caved In, Second in Command or Living & Dying. However, this matters least – to us, she is a super sexy woman, a hot girl and she definitely has lots of skills. And a great body.

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