Aug 12, 2008

Maybe I don't get the girls, but I kick ass!

You all know that my flirting quest has its problems and just every now and then I manage to go off like a volcano – then it takes me eons to recharge and do that again. Fortunately, it seems that my failures and absolute inability to do something right is good fun for you and that makes me feel great. Honestly.

According to WordWebbing, I don't only manage to bring up some great entertainment to you guys, but I am also a kick ass blogger. Yahoo! That feels good. I kick ass at something... and even though I would personally feel much better if I would be squeezing on a girl's ass, I still feel honored. And, as honored as I feel, I must award this Kick Ass Award to other five precious bloggers. So here they are:

Phone Sex Life: The girl is a dream woman. She not only manages to bring an orgasm to any male with her mouth (by talking to them, I mean), but she also makes anybody's fantasy turn into reality. There's a little catch, though: you have to call her. But, from the delicious stuff I read over at her blog, she totally deserves that.

Prisqua: I have a girl quest, this beautiful lady has a man quest that's slightly different. However, she is one of the first persons that greeted me when I hit the blogosphere and I will always remember her for that. I wish her luck with her quest and award her this badge, too.

Natalie Galitzine: I have recently discovered her blog and I must admit I am put under her spell. She has a great style, a great life and some really strong 'n great opinions about romance and stuff like that. Not to mention that she also has some great stories. A worth read and a must visit if you haven't done so. Make sure your bookmarks are free, because that's the place Natalie's blog will go!

Colon Joy
: Out of nowhere, this guy (or girl) started to talk to me on Entrecard and told me how much he (or she) liked reading my blog. I felt honored by being featured in the blogroll there (the only one right now, actually :D) so I feel I should pay it back with this award. Maybe more posts in the future?
PS: As an off-topic, I'm getting ready for my THIRD date with A. I truly hope she meant it!

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Phone Girl said...

Awwww, thank you for the love babe...I'll be blogging about this soon, tell your readers to come participate in my EC

Prisqua said...

You are such a sweetheart (well sometimes...) lol
Thanks :)