Aug 10, 2008

Back on track

Finally, for the first time in my life I managed to move fast and quickly get over a semi-failure. Even though Phone Girl is right – I’s the kind of girl I have to seek and get, it is always good to see that your flirting style can give you something better - even if it’s more work for one to pick up a better girl. Flirting is not an easy job!

Last night I went together with my friends at a party, it was somebody’s birthday and we all met up in a pub where one thing was not missing: booze. Nor girls, to be honest, but most of them were already taken. Anyway, my luck was that I was seated near a girl I did not know, but who was single – a very open minded person, a great company, and a pretty one too. Her name was A and she was quite a chat. Also, she didn’t seem to be there to find a date, an ONS or even to seek for a relationship – she was there to have fun and luckily I was around (to change things, heh)

We spent some quality time talking and joking and, that’s God, I was really pleased to see that I can do much better than the night before. A. is a kind of a Tom-girl, though: she mixed beer and wine, drank about as much as I did, but I was the one who seemed to be drunker. Not to mention the fact that she was very direct in saying what was on her mind… you know, the type of girl you might have sex with and talk about football or cars. Heh… or so I imagine.

Because, even though A. and I had a great night and spent some really quality time together, when I asked her (late at night) if she wants to come to my place, or go somewhere else where there’s more privacy, she said something like: “Just wait a little, boy! We just met… don’t you know about the three dates rule?

It was something vague for me but I said I did – under no circumstances I wanted push my luck with her, especially because most of my friends were there and she looked like the type of girl who could make quite a mess if she really wanted. But, on the other hand, we’re meeting later today and I hope she really meant it with the “three dates rule” – which means I’m close. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Phone Girl said...

She sounds great, if you can talk sports and have sex with her all at the same time, good for you...