Aug 3, 2008

So long, I!

I knew this weekend was going to have a major impact on my future. Even though I did not say it loud, a little bit of me was considering having a relationship with I. She proved to be a very special girl, with a ton of randomness, a girl which knows how to flirt, how to play, how to have fun. She is great and I don’t even remember if I got the girl or she got me, you know? It’s like we just met and united and there was no pick up involved.

Anyway, a relationship was someway against My Girl Quest, my plans for full year of flirting and random chick scoring. So I wanted to test things a bit more – everybody would do that, if such a huge stake is in play.

The first thing I did when I got up on Saturday was to call her (of course, after P. left). I invited her over and I had absolutely no plans. Things started off pretty good, with her jumping on me, telling me she was just wondering how long was she going to last without IT. So I was already thinking about turning My Girl Quest into a “family diary” now. But we all do mistakes.

After doing it, we spent some time cuddling, talking and cuddling even more. She wanted to watch a movie. So we did. Then she got hungry and we had to go grab something to eat – just to return home. I don’t know what you say about that, but for me it was not the most exciting thing in the world. So I asked her what should we do, where should we go.

She said that she didn’t want to go anywhere – she just wanted to watch movies together with me, cuddle and maybe have sex before we go to bed. She said “maybe,” for God’s sake! Last week’s sex machine, was turning fast into a housewife. In just a week! Oh, no, I’m not going to fall for that!

So I bought some wine for courage, went home and got drunk a little. It was still hard for me to say it, but I did: I told her that the only reasons I keep dating her was sex, that I was not ready for a relationship, for commitment – you know, the regular “let’s take a break” thingie that’s nothing but a softer way to say “eff off!”

She took it like a man, so to say. “This means we’ll only see one another when we want to do it?” she asked. I was 100% surprised with that, but I am sure she’ll not be visiting my bed again anytime soon :D Well… at least I got rid of her and I’m more confident now. Having you last night’s date smell in your skin when you’re doing it with another woman is not the most common thing in the world. I am proud of me!

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iris said...

That is indeed quite an accomplishment. Mr. Fast, you do us proud. And let me just say, thank heavens I'm not dating you! LOL.

Mr. Fast said...

Lol, that was a good one! :P But honestly, now - if I'm not busy being a pig and trying to treat women like sex toys (which I rarely manage to do), I'm quite a nice person to be around. Honestly :)

Phone Girl said...

Yayyyy, I'm proud of you for doing it.......good job, hopefully she'll visit you again for the sex!