Aug 1, 2008

I rock!

I keep seeing on various blogs different things regarding the Page Rank. It seems that it’s a pretty important thing, since so many people are completely excited if their PR goes up or feel the sky had crumbled and fell on their heads if the PR got down. In other words, it’s something that matters to them, so I have decided to check mine.

To my surprise (to my big, huge surprise, since this blog is so “young”), I have a page rank of 3. It made me feel like a superstar, or something, like a rock star and now I’m awaiting for groupies to come and please me. Of course, it’s something that only happens in my mind. So far, to me, page rank doesn’t mean anything but a number: traffic from search engines remains the same and I am not at all more lucky at scoring or flirting with chicks. So I’m not such a big rock star, after all. But I needed an excuse to post thins beautiful picture. :D

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Phone Girl said...

I have my Alexa rating but not a page rank, how did you check yours, and please come by my site, I gave you a blog review! check it out

Scotty's Princess said...

Big congrats for the PR 3...


Mr. Fast said...

Thanks for the congrats and, also, thanks Phone Girl for the review. I'll do my best to update more often :)