Aug 5, 2008

That’s PMS, aaaaight?

As you all probably know, I said the big words to I. (no, not “I love you”, but “Bye-bye”). Her reaction was pretty nice and unexpectedly calm, she took it to the chin and even said something like “we’ll have random sex every now and then,” which was pretty cool, you know? So I was ready to become a Don Juan again, re-start my flirting quest and enroll the Flirters Top Spots (and if something like that doesn’t exist, I was ready to create it).

Anyway… the point is that I was happy with what my life was turning into: for the first time in many, many years I had been caught in a love-triangle: P, I and me, two girls and a guy, excitement, more Don Juan-ism and hormones skating freely in my testosterone-filled body. Stuff like that. I was proud.

But things had to turn to the darker side.

Because, as I was anticipating back when my “relationship” with I. was nothing but a big question mark, things at work are pretty ugly now. Remember the episode when she sent me a message to look at her and she opened her legs in a Sharon-Stone-Basic-Instinct type of thing? Well… things are about the same, with a few small differences: she doesn’t send me messages anymore and, whenever it happens that my eyes turn her way, she doesn’t open her legs anymore, but her middle finger rises like a statue up in the air.

Thankfully, she barely talks to me now, which is good. However, I can only believe that all my colleagues at work know (or, at most, will know soon) that I have a tiny little wiener, that I suck in bed, my mouth smells like crap and I was a virgin when I first dated her. OR that I’m gay and like IT big. I dunno… I’m sure it will be something bad, anyway. The good thing is that I don’t have plans to date anybody from work anymore, so it won’t be a loss. However, it still sucks.

Or, just as I said in the title, it could be nothing but I.’s PMS. That would really explain her strange behavior. Case closed!

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searchingwithin said...

Rule #1 - Never, I mean NEVER date someone from work.

Rule #2 - Any, I mean ANY bad mood a woman has is blamed, I mean caused by PMS,pre, post, and during.Hell, by the time the month is said and done, we women have one good hour a month, and we are usually sleeping. ; )