Aug 3, 2008

Girl of the week – Ileana Lazariuc

Until now, we had two girls of the week coming from Iasi, right now we’re going to have yet another girl from Moldavia. Honestly, I’m not trying to convince potential visitors to skip Transylvania and go straight there. We have tons of beautiful Romanian girls everywhere, and the sexiest of them will be here. So, ladies and gentleman, I’m giving you this week’s girl – Ileana Lazariuc!
Just like the other two hotties, she stared her career as a model, when aged 15. Her beauty put everybody under a spell and she tried to get things even further, by creating a musical group called Trinity. Music was not her thing, though (not at all), so the band quickly died.

However, she remained in the limelight (it’s hard for such a beauty to get out of the press’ sight) and starred in a couple of movies, married (sorry, guys) a rich dude and recently gave birth to a little boy. But these things really matter less right now, since she is still a smoking hot sexy girl who just knows how to pose. And if you do your best, you can find some completely NSFW pics of her from the Playboy shooting. Yep, she did that, too!

This week’s bonus: Ileana Lazariuc has a beautiful mother, also a famous singer in Romania. Check her out here then ask yourself: how do some people do to look that young?

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Alexis said...

So you like brunettes? :)
I don't really like Ileana...Please don't go next for Oana Zavoranu or Monica Columbeanu [-o<

Mr. Fast said...

No, it's just a coincidence, I like all sorts of girls :) And no, Monica Columbeanu will never ever be a girl of the week. And probably Oana neither. I honestly dislike her but I gave it a though - maybe she would fit the criteria :)