Aug 3, 2008

Sick + Compassion = Sex

No, for those of you asking, I. didn’t take me on a random trip this weekend, too – it was just me being too lazy to post, even though I did promise to be posting daily on my progress. Oh, well, maybe it’s better to come up with lots of things once, so that your life seems to be more interesting than it is. Heh.

On Friday night I played in sick and told my work colleague (I.) that going out was not the best thing for me to do and I even managed to convince her she shouldn’t even come to my place to “take care of me”. I kind of backstabbed her here – I said that if she came, I would not be able to resist her looks and we'd end up doing it rather than resting and take care of my health. And it seems that, for me, keeping the interest high in me (even though it’s not to my own… interest) is something I do better than flirting. Damn, you'll probably re-read that just to understand a quarter of what I said. lol

The real reason why I did not want some wild sex with I. was my intention to finally do something with P and get rid of her. I just invested too much time not to get anything out of this, too. So I was a bit of a pig, but it was all good in the end: I called her and played sick again (some things just work :D) and asked her to come over so we could watch a movie and cuddle and make me feel better. She kind of wanted to go out and have some fun, but she still came.

My plan was to force things a bit: I was only in my boxer shorts (feeling sick, you know) and she didn’t have anything against that. However, I told her that I was having a fever and I was cold and eventually asked her to hug me, "maybe that will help," I said. We stood like that for a while, which was a perfect time for me to whisper into her ears the sweetest possible words. She liked that (every woman does) and we soon started groping, kissing and stuff.

But I was sick and weak, remember? So, I really wanted to take a shower in order to cool off a little, and I asked her to take me there. She must’ve been a bit excited, too, since she allowed me to insist and ask her to join me - “Just as we did in the bed,” I said. She was still reluctant.

So I stripped and went to take the shower, I kept asking her to come: she was there, still looking, probably having a fight with her inner self if she should do it or not. Eventually, the devil on her shoulder won the fight, and she joined me: it was for the first time in at least one year (I’m sure it’s been longer, though) when I had sex under the shower. And it was great, there was some huge sexual tension between me and P. and we both felt relief after we did it. The only problem is that she’s probably considering we have a strong relationship right now. Her loss :D

(Note: I see this is getting too long, I’ll write a new entry on my flirting success yesterday)

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